Can you believe that, despite all the pre-holiday-stress, I found the time to review a new hairstyling gadget? ME NEITHER! But that’s okay, my life isn’t that hectic, to be honest. I’m pretty much busy writing, eating chocolates and planning out January with workouts, yoga, green juices and all sorts of detox joy.

But for now, it’s all Prosecco and chocolates and… cool new hairstyling tools!

Babyliss Heated Smoothing and Straightening Brush, around 80.00 US$*

Babyliss Liss Brush HSB100E

In the Swiss market, the «Liss Brush» is being sold as the HSB100E model, whereas in the UK and the US, the brush is black and marketed as the 2240BDU model. But the technology is the same, even if model numbers and colors differ – and their job is the same, too: to create «fast, easy smoothness with visible shine»!

Haarglätter Babyliss


Can this brush really save me an entire step in my hairstyling routine? The smoothing brush is to be used on clean, dry hair and has three different heat settings: 160°, 180° and 200° Celsius – for fine, damaged hair right up to thick, unruly locks.

Thanks to the size of the heated brush pad, this tool promises to create smooth, glossy hair a lot faster than classic straightening tools – and both the instructions and the videos show that you don’t need to section off hair and treat individual strands of hair, but can brush your hair as you’d do with a regular brush… albeit, maybe a bit more carefully!

A combination of 126 bristles are great for straightening kinky or frizz-prone hair without flattening it completely – and it’s the unique combination of heated ceramic fins and flexible taming and detangling bristles that offer «superior control» for all hair types.

Here’s the brush in an extreme, spine-tingling close-up…

Babyliss Glaettbuerste, Review by Hey Pretty

…and the last techie detail you need to know is that Babyliss incorporated their Ionic technology in this tool, too… which means that the «super ionic frizz-control» should remove static AND give luxurious shine.

Let’s test drive this baby, shall we? We’re starting with me, Steffi… with freshly washed and roughly blow-dried hair and a bit of attitude, judging by my facial expression.

Babyliss Glättbürste 1: Ausgangslage (Hey Pretty)

Babyliss Glättbürste 2: Einschalten (Hey Pretty)

As my hair is dry and quite damaged from being bleached, I chose the lowest setting to straighten my locks:

Babyliss Glättbürste 3: Einschalten (Hey Pretty)

According to the instructions, you should pull your hair taut and then run through your hair with the brush, from scalp to ends. Basically, I’m explaining to you how you’d normally brush your hair (sorry!), the only difference being that you add a bit of tension.

Babyliss Glättbürste 4: Start Anwendung (Hey Pretty)

Babyliss Glättbürste 5: Anwendung (Hey Pretty)babyliss_glaett_06_straehnefastfertig

It works like a charm on my fine hair, and I’m pretty much done in about three minutes flat. Which kind of makes me wonder how long this would take on really thick hair, but still…

Babyliss Glättbürste 6: Test fertig (Hey Pretty)babyliss_glaett_08_fastfertig

Sorry, but you get kind of bored taking all these selfies. And… we’re done!



The Babyliss Heated Smoothing and Straightening Brush is a pretty smart tool for daily use – especially for days when you just can’t be bothered with a careful blow-out first, and then straightening the lengths again. Creating a sleek look really is a lot easier and faster than my usual routine, and the low temperature setting seems to do my (damaged) hair good.

Having said that, the straightening effect isn’t quite as pronounced as with a classic straightener, which can be a good thing if you don’t like or want that stick-straight look.

I tried this brush on my teenaged daughter’s hair as well: She has long, thick and pretty wavy hair, and – using a higher setting – it worked nearly as fast in the end… but the results weren’t quite as long lasting. But that might have been the drizzly rain that day, too!

I hope this review helps a bit if you’re looking into purchasing a straightening brush, or maybe even as a last-minute Christmas gift idea? Men, take note: You are allowed to gift us tools like these. But if there’s a food processor in that present, BEWARE!

The Babyliss Heated Smoothing and Straightening Brush HSB100E is available in Switzerland for roughly 80 CHF (the UK version is around £80). For Swiss readers: Manor currently has them on sale for CHF 69.90!

Babyliss HSB100E Glättbürste Erfahrungsbericht Hey Pretty

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