Brand Love and Review: The Organic Pharmacy (Image by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

Happy Tuesday, dear reader! Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, wherever you are… and mostly because it’s been so cold and rainy here in Zurich that I’m starting to believe there is NO SUN ANYWHERE EVER.

Which is why I’ve decided to jump right in with a huge wheelbarrow-full of beautifully natural, organic beauty… and a brand I’ve been loving (spoiler!) for quite some time now: The Organic Pharmacy.

Thanks to lovely Lara of Green Lane here in Zurich (check it out), as well as via Andrea of the online shop Meet and Greet, I discovered this brand a while back, and use many of them on a daily basis. And the best news is… that the entire range is now also available at Marionnaud.

The Organic Pharmacy was founded 15 years ago by Margo Marrone, whose fascination with homeopathy started during her pharmacological studies and who turned her passion into her profession. Confronted with so many problematic ingredients that can be found in conventional skincare, Margo decided to implement pretty clear principles for her own brand, such as:

The very best botanical ingredients, well-thought out and effective products, ecological and ethical operation methods, and the absence of man-made dyes, perfumes, petrochemicals, preservatives and animal testing. For Margo, the main focus for The Organic Pharmacy is on the science that they put into their products… or, as she puts it:

«The high tech natural extracts, the pharmaceutical grade ingredients and their dosage in our products at levels that really count means serious results for healthy glowing skin.»

With a background like that, it’s not surprising that The Organic Pharmacy not only creates skincare, but also supplements. Although I’m personally super-interested in supplements (could someone please invent an effective but compatible iron supplement, please?), we’re going to focus on face care today.

And what a wonderful range it is!

So go grab a cup of coffee or green tea, silence your phone and get ready for my personal favorites by The Organic Pharmacy!

Rose Facial Cleansing Gel (100ml), CHF 72.90 (£46 in the UK)

The Organic Pharmacy new in Switzerland at Marionnaud: Rose Facial Cleansing Gel (Review on Hey Pretty)

This refreshing but super-gentle cleansing gel with aloe vera, rose hip, rose extract and blueberry extract is perfect for my morning cleanse. The scent is lively, yet gentle and the gel cleanses deeply while moisturizing the skin and infusing it with antioxidants.

For my PM routine, I tend to use The Organic Pharmacy’s wonderfully rich Carrot Butter.

Rose Facial Spritz Toner (100ml), CHF 45.90 (£27 in the UK)

The Organic Pharmacy Rose Spritz Facial Tone (Review and Image by Hey Pretty)

And what do we do after cleansing? That’s right, we tone! Well done, students… and this rose mist with aloe vera and persian Rose is perfect for sensitive and/or dehydrated skin.

Antioxidant Face Serum (35ml), CHF 136 Franken (£84 in the UK)

Natural, holistic and homeopathic skincare: The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Serum (Review by Hey Pretty)

Oh my… this serum may be expensive, but it is just divine – and it’s chock-full of incredibly powerful ingredients! It repairs, clears, plumps and protects the skin, all the while smelling absolutely GORGEOUS.

Rose hip, carrot and grapeseeds are great anti-oxidants, while grapefruit, orange and Sicilian lemon tone and clarify. Alphalipolic acid and lactic acid are here to really kick-start anti-aging processes in the skin… and ideally, the serum should be used with the Antioxidant Gel here:

Antioxidant Face Gel (35ml), CHF 92.90 (£55 in the UK)

Super-efficient organic skincare: The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Gel (Image by Hey Pretty)

This lightweight gel is based on aloe vera and rich in herbal extracts… and works in perfect symbiosis with the Antioxidant Face Serum. It contains sea minerals and marine algae (I know!), but also lovely herbs like St. John’s Wort and marigold.

Ideally, this duo should be applied as follows: One pump of Antioxidant Face Serum, mixed with one pump of Antioxidant Face Gel and applied to moist skin. I use them both, mornings and nights and really like them.

Another thing I really like about The Organic Pharmacy? That all products are still hand-made in small batches in London!

 reaction friends london reaction s matt leblanc GIF
And yes, I’ve been waiting for months for an excuse to use this GIF.

Antioxidant Face Cream (50ml), CHF 81.90 (£45 in the UK)

Hey Pretty's Organic Faves: The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Cream (Review and Image by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

This light yet potent moisturizer is the perfect supplement to the little serum orgy we just had: Its ingredients include (once again) Sicilian lemon and grapefruit that tone and tighten the skin. For me, these two ingredients are particularly interesting: buckwheat and propolis cera! The former has anti-bacterial properties, the latter is a natural anti-inflammatory and cell regenerator. It absorbs instantly and has a lovely texture.

Love, love, LOVE!

Honey and Jasmine Mask (60ml), CHF 65.90 (£37.95 in the UK)

The Organic Pharmacy Honey & Jasmine Mask (Image and Review by Hey Pretty)

Seriously: No skincare regimen without a mask! This one here is a treat for dry, stressed-out skin. Honey, evening primrose and shea butter nourish and hydrate, while jasmine balances and relaxes the skin… and smells lovely, too.

A quick Sandra tip here: You can totally amplify the results by using the (super-efficient) Enzyme Peel Mask beforehand! If I was Jane Fonda, I’d whisper a husky «because we’re worth it» into the camera. But seriously: Treat yourself a bit. It’s good for the body AND the soul!

Before I get all mushy and emo on you, a super-straigtforward Hey Pretty conclusion here:

The Organic Pharmacy is a wonderful brand with beautiful ingredients and visible results. And all that Made in the UK.

What’s left for me to say, except «thanks for reading»? Much love, a twist of rose hip essence as a goodbye and have a wonderful week!



The Organic Pharmacy is available at select organic beauty stores worldwide, and has just been launched at Marionnaud in Switzerland as well*. 

Review of The Organic Pharmacy (new in Switzerland) on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

*The products reviewed in this post were sent to me free of charge by the brand or its PR agency.



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