My favorite Eye Makeup Tutorials on Pinterest

Friday shoutout, my pretties! Before we jump right into my roundup of the best eye make-up tutorials on Pinterest, I really want to ask you how you’re doing! To be honest, I’m pretty ready for the weekend, as the past week was a bit hectic, both emotionally and physically.

On the up side, I took part in my IRL friend and fellow beauty blogger Katrin‘s very first influencer event here in Zurich…

Steffi Hidber of Hey Pretty & Katrin Roth of Sonrisa, Move It Event in Zurich #swissmoveit

…which was a lot of fun – but also pretty informative, too, with a talk from Anne Höwler of Cover PR in Germany, who had a lot of good tips on blogging in general. Emotionally, it was a bit of a tough week, because a good friend of mine, Mirjam, died two years ago this week after a lengthy battle with breast cancer, and her kids have been on my mind in the past few weeks… but now, especially. So get your boobies checked, ya hear?

Diving right in to some of my favorite eye make-up tutorials is the PERFECT antidote to feeling a bit blue… and a great start to the weekend, don’t you think?

I don’t know if you’re aware that Hey Pretty is pretty active on Pinterest.

If not, join me there. If so, follow me and get a ton of beauty inspo daily, because I LOOOOVE me that platform!

So all you need now is two eyes, an eye shadow palette, eyeliner, mascara, and (if you really want to go all-out), a pair of fake lashes for the dramatic finale.

Ready, get set… DIY eye make-up tutorials!

Purple Smoky Eye via Pinterest

Purple Smoky Eye by Klart (Hey Pretty's favorite eye make up tutorials on Pinterest)
Image copyright: Helena Rönnblad /

I’m often asked how to highlight hooded eyes, and this is a pretty clear tutorial for y’all…

Hooded Eyes Make-Up Tutorial, via Pinterest

The Best Eye Make-Up Tutorials on Pinterest
Image credit: (found on – Hey Pretty’s Best Eye Makeup Tutorials

This one here isn’t the prettiest layout ever, but I think this eyeliner technique guide by L’Oréal Paris is pretty practical for finding the perfect liner for your eye shape!

The Best Eyeliner Techniques for Every Eye Shape via Pinterest

The best eye makeup tutorials on Pinterest: Eyeliner Techniques (L'Oréal Paris)
Image credit: L’Oréal Paris, via AOL

Here’s one with some gorgeously peachy shades (which are still pretty hot, thanks to Too Faced and the Naked Heat Palette)

Party Perfect Eye via Pinterest

The very best eye make-up tutorials on Pinterest: Party Perfect Eye (Copyright:

Image copyright:

If you have small eyelids that don’t have much space go crazy with eye shadows, this fabulous tutorial by The Beauty Department is just for you!

How to Draw a Cat Eye for Little Lid Space via Pinterest

Cat Eye for small eyelids (The best Eye MakeUp Tutorials on Pinterest)

Bild-Copyright: The Beauty Department

This here isn’t actually a step-by-step, but one single image that shows exactly which shade goes where on your eyelid. So simple!

Eye shadow Blueprint via Pinterest

Which eye shadow shade goes where? Blueprint by Shuishi On (Twitter) – Hey Pretty's Roundup of the best Eye Makeup Tutorials on Pinterest

Bild-Copyright: Shuishi on/Twitter

OMG, this must be the best blog name ever: «Vorzeigetochter» (a German word for «perfect daughter») is pretty great… and so is her easy step-by-step for an extremely natural, wearable nude eye! She’s using the Naked 2 palette in this pictures, by the way.

Easy Nude Eye via Pinterest

Easy Nude Eye by Vorzeigetochter (Hey Pretty's Roundup of the best eye makeup tutorials on Pinterest)

Bild-Copyright: Vorzeigetochter

This tutorial is actually an ad by British brand No. 7, but it’s the perfect how to on how to get that elusive «banana» needed for a properly sexy smoky eye!

Perfect Eye Makeup Guide via Pinterest

Best Eye Makeup Tutorials on Pinterest: No. 7 Perfect Eye Makeup GuideBild-Copyright: No. 7

And this last look here is properly FESTIVE. And I don’t need to mention that the holidays are practically just around the corner, do I?

Lulu’s How To: Holiday Shimmer Eye, via Pinterest

Lulu's How To: Holiday Shimmer Eye Tutorial (Hey Pretty's best eye Make-up Tutorials on Pinterest)Image credit: Lulu’s


Are you totally inspired to go for it yourself? I hope so! And if not, you can also spend an hour or seven on my Pinterest boards in search for some more makeup inspo… fine by me!

Have a great weekend and check back here soon, ya hear?

The very best Eye Makeup Tutorials on Pinterest, brought to you by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog



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