Can you believe it’s already Monday? I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine… I started off with a lovely rooftop BBQ party on Saturday, and probably won a prize for Mother of The Year by sneaking off early Sunday morning, for an open air Guerilla Yoga class here in Zurich (here’s more info, if you’re interested!) with 65 other yogis… in the brilliant morning sunshine.


It was fabulous, and my SPF 50 was definitely up to the task of protecting me from a sunburn. 90 minutes is a long time for me to be in the sun, with my pale skin!

In any case, the endorphin (and Vitamin D) rush was the perfect way to get in a summertime mood.

And now, I’ll let fabulous Terry de Gunzburg finish the rest. It’s time to check out By Terry’s new «Sun Cruise Collection Style Été 2016». And be warned, it’s small but quite fabulous!


Let’s get right into it, starting with this interesting new bronzer-serum-bb-hybrid:

Terrybly Densiliss Sun Glow Serum (in three shades), €86.00

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Sun Glow Serum

If I’ve learned one thing as a beauty editor, it’s that french women not only rule the «effortless chic» game, but are also obsessed with both slimming cremes and self-tanning… or rather «TANNING», with all that goes with it.

This is a pretty interesting product, combining both an anti-aging bronzing fluid, blur pigments, a tint similiar to a BB cream… and an instant self-tanning (non-permanent) kick of color. I’m a bit confused as to how it works, exactly… but as you can see in the clip below, it’s pretty much a sheer bronzing foundation that is getting pretty good reviews. I’ll go with «hmmm, I’d try it before my summer holidays!».

This, I’m much more in to, as a cat-eye-lover:

Line Designer Waterproof Eyeliner (in five shades), €32.00

By Terry Line Designer Waterproof Eyeliners

This liquid, almost mousse-y liner has insane staying power! I love the tiny, ultra-precise rubber applicator and the slight metallic shimmer to the colors themselves. Pricey, but very high quality.

PLUS, you can do stuff like this, if you’re bored:

Yep, THREE DIFFERENT LINERS. And you thought YOU were high-maintenance?

Moving right along… you can never have enough lipbalmglosslipstick-sticks, right?

Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge (in three new shades), €31.50

By Terry Hyluronic Sheer Rouge in Rose Boom Boom, Zest Shot and Pink Up

Terry’s range of ultra-hydrating, almost jelly-like lip balms «Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge» got three red-hot shades, just for the Sun Cruise collection! From the left: Rose Boom Boom, Zest Shot and Pink Up.

Do me a favour and go ask for «Rose Boom Boom» at your nearest By Terry beauty counter, okay? SO MUCH FUN!

And now, ladies (and gentlemen?)… we come to the ultra-lustworthy highlight of By Terry’s Sun Cruise collection:

Sun Designer Palette (in two versions), €72.00

By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Tan & Flash Cruise



The beautiful packaging, the Missoni-esque pattern… the insanely silky texture: Everything about this «Sun-Kissed Glow»-palletes ist just RIGHT. Ultra-fine powders that glide on beautifully, different finishes and the perfect arrangement of bronzing powders, blushes and highlighters really work.

There are two different color schemes available – above, the brighter, more pink and coral-hued «Tan & Flash Cruise» palette, and (the one I got a sample of), the more subdued «Light & Tan Vibes» palette, which is perfect for contouring and strobing. And good god, it’s even prettier in real life!

By Terry Sun Cruise Collection 2016, Sun Designer Palette in Light & Tan Vibes

Let’s unbox that, shall we?

By Terry Sun Cruise Collection 2016, Sun Designer Palette in Light & Tan Vibes (image by Hey Pretty) By Terry Sun Cruise Collection 2016, Sun Designer Palette in Light & Tan Vibes (image by Hey Pretty) By Terry Sun Cruise Collection 2016, Sun Designer Palette in Light & Tan Vibes (image by Hey Pretty)


Only problem: I can’t bear to break it in. But my willpower is legendary for being nearly non-existent (I’m actually chewing on my fifth handful of cashews since deciding to go Paleo about two hours ago), and I’m sure I’ll be enjoying the palette very, very soon.

All in all, I once again have to say that By Terry keeps pleasing me with innovative, very luxurious products that (almost always) make a lot of sense in a make-up kit. Very french, but in a good way!

And if you’d like to join me on my dream trip to Paris, to have a lipstick custom-made for me at By Terry’s boutique, drop me an e-mail. I’m sure I can get us a a room at the Ritz!

By Terry’s new Sun Cruise Collection Style Été 2016 is being launched worldwide in May, find your nearest stockist here.

By Terry Sun Cruise Collection 2016, PR Image



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