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Great News! I’m still sitting on my sofa… but I’M NOT IN MY PAJAMAS ANY MORE! Day six of the worst case of the flu that anybody ever caught has begun quite nicely, and I’m wearing mascara again. I still look like death warmed over and am coughing myself into oblivion, but I daresay that I think the worst might be over.

Maybe, just maybe I might venture into my nearby supermarket to buy some lemons, fresh ginger root, gossipy magazines and ready-made smoothies. If you run into me, only talk to me if you want to praise me for my incredible bravery, okay?

Health-promoting news are surely beneficial not only for me, I think… and so I’ll be reviewing today the delightful new English Fields Collection by Jo Malone London!

If you’re on the bus right now and can’t listen to the clip at full volume, we’ll make do with a little bit of poetic mood-improvement.

«The sun is shining across golden fields, full of strength, rich in precious grains. Hearty oats, airy barley, earthy rye. A warm and healthy feast with a cool breath of flowery freshness. Poppies, primroses, cornflowers. Life awakened by colors. Happily dancing to the sound of chirping cicadas. The humming of bees. The essence of the Englisch countryside caught in five enchanting fragrances. Each of them an example of elegant simplicity and designed for Fragrance Combining.»

PR Visual to Jo Malone London's English Fields Collection 2018 (Review on Hey Pretty)

The five fragrances of the English Fields Collection is presented in these darling stoneware-look bottles containing 30ml and costing 72 Francs each.

PR Visual to Jo Malone London's English Fields Collection 2018 (Review on Hey Pretty)

Green Wheat & Meadowsweet Cologne smells really crisp, rather innocent and fresh „like an English meadow at dawn“, covered with young, green freshly sprouting wheat. With hints of grapefruit and soft white meadowsweet.

Poppy & Barley comes across as fruity, lively and happy. It evokes fields of barley sprinkled with red poppies, and delicate notes of cassis and white musk.

Primrose & Rye Cologne takes its inspiration from fields covered with primroses and soft breezes wafting across it all. «Vivid, glowing and addictive».

Jo Malone London's English Fields Collection 2018 (Review on Hey Pretty)

I got Oat & Cornflower Cologne to try and I’m delighted with the contrasts of soft, powdery notes and the spicy, „manly“ fragrances of blue cornflowers, hazelnuts and vetiver-grass. A great, somewhat surprising scent.

Honey & Crocus Cologne is very soft on the skin, almost powdery and will delight all fans of baby powder essences, containing honey from the hive, «glowing» crocus flowers and English lavender with a slight touch of almond milk.

It’s ironic that all five fragrances are based on grains containing gluten and they are basically off-limits to me as a person suffering from coeliac disease like myself…. but what a lovely inspiration to create a new fragrance, right?

Master Perfumer Mathilde Bijanoui who created the English Fields Collection says:

«As a perfumer, I alway delight in being surprised and English Fields is something totally unexpected. Using grains and kernels as main essences is totally new for me. I really never came across this kind of fragrances before.»

Jo Malone English Fields Collection: PR Visual with all five scents (Review on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

PR Visual to Jo Malone London's English Fields Collection 2018 (Review on Hey Pretty)


The English Fields Collection is incredibly pretty: Soft, natural and very feminine. For those of you who like gentle fragrances that still should have some pizzaz – you will love them.

And their summery vibes are good for the soul, especially as I just saw that they’re forecasting snow again. But for right now, we’ll just cling to each and every ray of sunshine we can catch, agree?

Have a great week, ma chère!

The five fragrances of the Jo Malone London English Fields Collection are available in Switzerland at Jelmoli, Zurich and at the Globus branches Zurich-Bellevue, Glatt, Lucerne, Lausanne and Geneva, for CHF 72 each (limited edition).

Such gorgeous springtime scents! Jo Malone London English Fields Collection (2018): Oat & Cornflower Cologne and Honey & Crocus Cologne – Image and Review by Hey Pretty

*The products reviewed in this post were sent to me free of charge by the brand or its PR agency.


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