Be honest: Are you more of a wild and curly girl, or a bit more… um… straighforward? Sorry for the bad pun, but I really didn’t have a better way to introduce you to one of Shu Uemura’s excellent new haircare products!

I get a lot of stuff to review – that’s one of the big perks of my job as a beauty editor – and I love trying new things… but with hairstyling products, one of my big gripes is that it always takes me AGES to use up a product, as I have mid-length, relatively fine hair.

My solution? I’ve started using my 13-year old daughter as a beauty guinea pig. And she LOVES it, tee hee! Case in point? This luxurious straightening spray!


Shu Uemura Art of Hair Straightforward (185 ml), US$ 39.00




Shu Uemura Art of Hair is like the Bentley of haircare brands, and pretty much everything they make is very well-formulated… This multitasking product promises both supple, shiny hair that behaves in a (seriously, I’m quoting here) disciplined manner.

As if that wasn’t claim enough, «Straightforward» should also allow for significantly faster drying time, thanks to an ingredient called Isododecan, which coats every single strand of hair and smoothes its surface, similar to a foundation. The effect? Anti-frizz and a «supremely smooth look».


While this spray styler does exactly what it promises, I found that the smoothing, slightly slippery finish was a bit much for my fine hair: It was left a bit flat, but ultra-shiny and absolutely frizz-free. Having said that, it IS advertised as a hair oil, Steffi!

My daughter, who has very thick hair, LOVED how «Straightforward» tamed her mane, and promptly stole it off my shelf, never to be seen again.

Or rather: I’m not heading into her teenager’s den to find it.

All in all, this is a bit on the fancy side for a kid – or even an adult, considering the hefty price tag – but if you have slightly unruly hair and hate wasting time blow drying, then this is for you!

And now, go practice tossing your shiny mane, pretty girl!

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Straightforward is available exclusively at Shu Uemura hair salons.Shu_Straighforward_Visual


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