Hey Pretty review: NARS Color Collection Spring 2017 – Wildfire

Sheesh. I really wanted to do a «short and sweet» blog post today, because I’m really busy travelling to events right now (follow me on Instagram and you can spend a day in a Swiss train, too!)… but then I got my hands on the beautiful new color collection by NARS and all my good intentions of writing less were basically out the window. But hey, I’m used to losing all semblance of control when it comes to this brand!

May I present «Wildfire», NARS’ Spring Color Collection 2017?

NARS Spring 2017 Color Collection «Wildfire» (PR Visual)

This «free-spirited» collection is veering way of the map, compared to other brands’ offerings for Spring 2017. Don’t expect the classic «springtime» color palette of peaches and roses… but rather a pretty in-your-face mix of earthy reds, bright sky-blues and lots of «wildflower» brights.

Think more «hot, sweaty springtime in Santa Fé» and less «flowery gardens in Cambridge»… then you’ll really love the collection!

For the campaign images, François Nars – who isn’t just the founder of the brand, but creative director and most of all photographer – chose model Daria Strokus, and put her in a wild, unkempt meadow, looking beautifully flushed.

NARS Spring Color Collection 2017: Wildfire (PR Image)

Do you have the time for a short Q&A with Francois Nars, before we look at the collection? If not, just scroll down… but I love the way he talks!

CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE SPRING 2017 COLOR PALETTE? I would say it’s a mix of earth tones and brighter shades, accented with a bit of a glow. At first, it seems neutral because of the bronze shades, but they are balanced by some bold colors, like the blue. The combination of these two creates a really amazing palette that is perfect for the change in seasons.

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR THE CAMPAIGN VISUAL? It was actually a Zeffirelli film from 1972 called Brother Sun, Sister Moon. The main character undergoes a spiritual transformation, he spends some time in a wild field thinking about nature and poetry. I loved the images of those fields: their beauty, of course, but also what they represented: a sense of freedom and peace.

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO PHOTOGRAPH DARIA STROKOUS FOR THE CAMPAIGN? I love working with Daria. She has the kind of face that I’m attracted to: an unusual beauty, with strong features. She’s like a chameleon, she can become whatever or whoever I want her to be and for me, that’s the perfect model for any campaign.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS AND SHADES IN THE COLLECTION? The Velvet Shadow Sticks are really fun to use and they have a really great, blendable texture. I think the warm bronze shade is sexy and sophisticated, but I really like the combination of it with the cool blue. It’s unexpected.

Okay, François. We’ll go out for a drink together someday, and I’ll SHOW you «unexpected»… but for now, we’ll just let you delight us with your Spring Color Collection!

The «Wildfire» products are still on order here in Switzerland, and haven’t arrived at the NARS counter at Jelmoli in Zurich… but they should be here very soon! And without further ado, the collection!

NARS Lip Gloss in Aragon (deep burgundy) and Asphalt Jungle (a shimmery Sangria), approx. $35.00 each*

NARS Lip Gloss in Asphalt Jungle und Aragon (Spring Look 2017)

NARS Lipstick in Breaking Free (creamy coral) und Semi-Matte Lipstick in Kiss Me Stupid (burnt sienna – limited edition), approx. $37.00 each

NARS Lipsticks in Breaking Free & Kiss Me Stupid (Spring 2017)

…and because Breaking Free is so fucking gorgeous (sorry, mom!):

NARS Breaking Free Lipstick (Wildfire Spring Look 2017), Image by Hey Pretty

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Chiang Mai (turquoise and bronze – limited edition) and Thessalonique (silvery-rose and lilac-gray), approx. $50.00 each

NARS Wildfire Spring Look 2017 – Duo Eyeshadows

I’m going crazy over how wearable this blush is:

NARS Blush in Bumpy Ride, approx. $40.00

NARS Bumpy Ride Blush (Wildfire Spring Collection 2017)

And here’s where we’re veering off-course, color-wise. And I’m GLAD we are!

NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Belle-Île (shimmery tangerine), Grande-Large (sky blue, limited edition), Siros (bronze) und Usbek (ultraviolet purple, limited edition), approx. $38.00 each

NARS Velvet Shadow Sticks (Wildfire Spring Collection 2017)

Completing the look (but not actually part of the collection!), we get to use one of the best multi-taskers in the make-up biz (and yes, I’m going a bit car salesman on ya here and yelling: «WHAT? YOU DON’T OWN A MULTIPLE YET?»)…

NARS Matte Multiple in Mauretanie, approx. $50.00NARS Matte Multiple in Mauritanie (Wildfire Spring Look 2017)


I’m done for today. But NARS is just getting started! By now, I’ve actually reached the beautiful Swiss city of Lausanne and have to start gathering my stuff to change trains. Which is why the goodbye today is quick and painless, cuz’ Swiss train schedules wait for NO WOMAN.

Have a great week!

The NARS Spring Color Collection 2017 «Wildfire» is available worldwide from February 2017. In Switzerland, it should be reaching the exlusive counters at Jelmoli and Osswald Zurich and Globus in Geneva any day! 


NARS Spring Color Collection 2017, Image by Hey Pretty

Also in this image: The new NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer und two new Velvet Matte Lip Pencils (in Pussy Control und Famous Red). All of them FAB as well!


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