10 Great Red Lipsticks (and Tips on How to Rock Red Lips) by Hey Pretty

Happy Wednesday! I’m still a bit «spa-lagged», since I’ve been travelling quite a bit in the past few weeks and just got back from reviewing a spa here in Switzerland with my wonderful co-worker Sandra (more on that soon!), but for now, I’m hoping for an easy, relaxed start. And a perfectly-styled one at that!

I’m a total sucker for a great red lipstick – if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see me in red lips lots – and since I’ve become a bit of an expert in terms of shades, textures and staying power, this post has basically been a long time coming. Because in terms of make-up, NOTHING adds more instant impact then a good red lipstick!

In the header image on top of this blog post (shot by the wonderful Amanda Nicolic, who kept making me laugh), I’m wearing probably my all-time fave by NARS, which is part of today’s roundup. But there are tine more red lipsticks that will almost certainly make you happy too, because they’re all tried-and-tested by Hey Pretty and get a big, fat, red stamp of approval!

10 of my All-Time-Favorite Red Lipsticks (Roundup and Review by Hey Pretty)

  1. Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Light in Red Coral, approx. US$ 25.00

10 of the Best Red Lipsticks: Make Up For Ever Lipstick in Red Coral (Hey Pretty's Roundup)

The ultra-pigmented «Artist Rouge» lipsticks by cult french brand MAKE UP FOR EVER have long been favorites of serious make-up-fiends, but they can be a bit heavy on the lips. Enter the new, lighter (but no less color-intense!) version!

This lovely pinky-orange-red shade is perfect for summer. Or winter. Or whenever!

2. L’Oréal Infaillible Lip Paint Mat in Red Actually, approx. US$ 8.00

10 of the Best Red Lipsticks: L'Oreal Infaillible Lip Paint in Red Actually (Hey Pretty's Roundup)

The texture is super-light and velvety, but the color really STAYS: This spring, I kind of fell in love with this pinkish-red liquid lipstick by L’Oréal! The finish may not be nearly as matte as the product name might imply, but that’s fine with me. And the scent is fab too!

3. YSL Volupté Tint-in-Balm in Nr. 6 Touch Me Red, approx. US$ 45.00

10 of the Best Red Lipsticks: YSL Volupté Tint in Balm in Touch Me Red (Hey Pretty's Roundup)

You want your red lipstick to be bright, but super-light at the same time? This one’s for you! I reviewed Yves Saint Laurent’s Volupté Tint-in-Balms here (sorry, in German) and am still a fan of their fruity scent… but in the mean time, Touch me Red has stolen my heart because it’s so easy to apply and still delivers «proper» color.

4. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, approx. US$ 27.00

10 of the Best Red Lipsticks: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl (Hey Pretty's Roundup)

This creamy «crayon» has been one of my favorites for years – I can’t count how many times I’ve bought it! I’m not the only #dragongirl fan (just run that hashtag on Instagram!), and I totally understand why: This super-bright but wearable red is extremely bright and perfect on a otherwise nearly-bare face.

Fun fact: Last month, a woman stopped me at Heathrow airport just to ask what lipstick I’m wearing. Forever love for Dragon Girl!

5. L.O.V. Color & Care Lipstick in 551 Christina’s Red, approx. US$ 10.00


L.O.V. Color & Care Lipstick in 551 Christina’s Red (Hey Pretty's Favourite Red Lipsticks)

This one’s a new favorite of Hey Pretty’s Sandra (who’s a make-up artist, too)! L.O.V. is a new brand by the German company Cosnova, who brought you drugstore brands essence and Catrice, and I really like their entire line – which is a bit more high-end than their other products, but really well thought-out.

Their Color & Care lipstick has great pigmentation and is really comfortable to wear, too. «Christina’s Red» is a classic, blueish red that look fab on all kinds of skin tones.

6. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 714, approx. US$ 17.00

Hey Pretty's 10 Favorite Red Lipsticks: Urban Decay Vice in 714

This bright orange-red shade isn’t for the faint of heart, because it seems even brighter on the skin, due to the ultra-matte finish! I love the fact that all of Urban Decay’s matte Vice lipsticks are still comfortable to wear, and they never get that «clay» feeling on the lips that some matte lipsticks can have. Well done!

7. NYX Professional Makeup Round Lipstick in Eros, approx. US$ 4.00


NYX Professional Makeup Round Lipstick in Eros (Hey Pretty's All-Time Favorite Red Lipsticks)

A classic, highly wearable creme lipstick in a gorgeous shade of tomato red. It stays put and has enough light oils that it moisturizes the lips, too. And seriously… the price is crazy low!

For the money you save, we can go out and get a glass of champagne together!




8. MAC Pro Longwear Long Last Lips in Immortally Yours, approx. US$ 30.00

MAC Pro Longwear Long Last Lips in Immortally Yours: 10 Red Lipsticks We Love

So you’d like to be able to apply your red lipstick in the morning, and then pretty much forget about it for the rest of the day? FORGET ABOUT IT! Just kidding. Kinda. But if there’s a lipstick that will probably survive a nuclear strike (or a salad with olive oil dressing), then this here’s a pretty good bet!

MAC’s Pro Longwear Long-Last Lips in the pinkish-red Immortally Yours is flattering to wear, and while it’s not as comfortable as a classic lipstick, it’s surprisingly easy on the lips.

9. Dr. Hauschka Lippenstift in 10 Dahlia, approx. US$ 20.00

Dr. Hauschka Lipstick in Dahlia: 10 Red Lipsticks We Love

Yay, you can also go for 100% organic red lips! Dr. Hauschka – one of the very first natural beauty brands – revamped it’s entire make-up range in early 2017, and the rollout includes the new lipsticks, which contain not only 100% vegetable pigments but also almond oil, canuba wax and rose oil.

Dahlia is a deep, surprisingly natural-looking and classic red. Vegan and very lovely!

10. By Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick in Crimson Click, approx. US$ 30.00


10 Red Lipsticks we Love: By Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick in Crimson Click

If a nearly «hands-free» lipstick truly exists (outside of Molly Ringwald’s «Breakfast Club» universe, of course), we may have found it here! I reviewed luxury French brand By Terry’s one-click lipsticks here, and I’m still amazed by the precision the unique, tear-shaped applicator allows! Crimson Click is a straightforward, bright red and lasts for a really long time. It’s not an incredibly well-known brand, but nearly everything I’ve tried here is excellent!

And if now you’re going: «Okay, fine, Steffi… but I never wear red lipstick because it doesn’t suit me», I’m going to yell at you, loud and clear and fueled by too much coffee: THAT’S NOT TRUE!

My 10 All-Time Favorite Red Lipsticks

Five Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick:

  1. Red lipstick looks awful on dry, chapped lips. The solution is pretty easy, though: Gently massage your lips with a soft toothbrush and a bit of almond oil, or use a lip scrub (LUSH or Henné Organics make fabulous ones!).
  2. It’s easy to find the right shade of red by checking your skin tone: If you have light skin and your veins seem blueish underneath, go for blue-red tones. If you have gold skin with greenish veins, you’ll look great in warm, orange-based reds.
  3. Red lips don’t necessarily need a lip pencil contour, unless it’s a very liquid formulation that bleeds. Really make the red pop by applying a highlighter or concealer on the lip contour and blend in well before applying color.
  4. Classic cream lipsticks last longer if you apply once, gently press the color into the lips (this also can smudge the edges nicely!), dab your mouth on a Kleenex, and then add another coat.
  5. To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, simply insert your index finger into your pursed lips and pull out gently.

My 10 All-Time Favorite Red Lipsticks

Personally, I always go for red lips when I’m dressed in black and white, or if I overslept and don’t have time to apply a full face of make-up… because with bright reds like these, a bit of concealer/foundation and mascara is usually enough and makes your the whole look a lot cooler!

A word of wisdom in closing, though: Even long-wear formulas need to be checked on during the day, because nothing looks sloppier than smudged red lips! I just use my front-facing phone camera for touch-ups on the go.

And now… go out, ducklings, and rock the red lip!

10 Red Lipsticks We Love (Hey Pretty Roundup)


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