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Welcome back, pretties! Today, my lovely intern Sandra is taking over the blog to let you in on one of her newest organic skincare discoveries… and it’s a beautiful one!


Zurich based organic beauty enthusiasts will surely know the beauty department store Pretty & Pure, which opened in 2014. Right next to luxurious organic beauty brands such as John Masters Organics, May Lindstrom Skin and RMS Beauty, there’s a new one on the shelves: namari skin.

It’s a project by one of the managers of Pretty & Pure, Nadine Ammari. After working as a nurse, Nadine pursued further education in natural cosmetics and is a real pro when it comes to ingredients and holistic body care. Namari skin offers effective products of highest quality, which are environmentally friendly and made in Switzerland.

namari skin Organic Skincare at Pretty & Pure Zurich

namari skin, pr image

It’s almost too good to be true: The beauty line, which only consists of three products and a cleansing cloth, is sustainable, ethically sourced and hand-crafted in small batches. Really fresh and really good for your karma! Nadine excludes any fillers, such as water, from her formula, which means that each product ist full of actives.

It’s no surprise that you will not find yucky ingredients such as silicones, parabens, sulfates, as well as animal derived products or animal testing in namari skin. And nope, I’m not yet done with this empassioned list of facts! namari skin only uses organically grown and (sustainably) wild harvested ingredients. Also, Nadine donates 15% of the retail profit to the animal rescue farm HOF NARR, located in the countryside of Zurich.

Could a brand be any more lovable?

Now, enough of me chatting and on to testing the products. I had the chance to experience the entire line at the Pretty & Pure Spa with Sabrina (who, by the way, has magical hands).

Organic Skincare: namariskin at Pretty & Pure Zurich

Treatment room at Pretty & Pure Zurich, Switzerland

Sabrina started by cleansing my skin using NEKTAR, which is a blend of nut- and seed oils with fragrant ingredients such as jasmine, rose and vanilla. It smells incredibly good! Good thing the products are really versatile. You can also use this oil to hydrate and nourish your entire body as well as your hair prior and/or after washing it.

NEKTAR, 200ml, CHF 115

Organic Skincare from Switzerland: Review of Namari Skin (Nektar)

In the next step, the IMHO most interesting product was used: STAUB. This cleansing dust is made from moroccan rhassoul clay, pink clay and ground hibiscus petals. It also contains Vitamin C and papaya enzyme, as well as microalgae, sulphur and silver particles (!), which deeply cleanse the skin and boost circulation. I can confirm this effect – my skin was quite flushed, but quickly turned glowy and rosy. Great for anti aging purposes!

STAUB is to be mixed with water until it turns fluffy – almost like a mousse – and used as a cleanser or as a cleansing mask.

STAUB, 200 ml, CHF 70

namari skin Staub Cleansing Dust (organic skincare, made in Switzerland)

As a finishing step on my discovery treatment of namari skin, Sabrina applied ELIXIER. This sounds precious and it really is: no less than 23 local and exotic plant oils, flowers and spices are to be found in this golden serum.

Among them are prickly pear seed oil, argan oil, rasperry seed oil, as well as violet, burdock root and kidney vetch. It’s manufactured in tune to the rhythms and elements of nature and is said to work as a true beauty elixir. This serum can be used alone or mixed in with a facial cream or foundation. And it feels so good on the skin…

ELIXIER, 30 ml, CHF 160

Namariskin Elixier Restorative Serum

The fourth and last product is the VELVET CLEANSING CLOTH, which I haven’t yet put to the test. This hand sewn face cloth is made from organic bamboo and organic cotton and is great for removing cleansers and masks. The soft velvet texture doesn’t irritate the skin and can be used daily.


namariskin Velvet Cleansing Cloth 

The products by namari skin have really convinced me. They’re effective, well thought-out and make your daily skin care a real beauty ritual. The price tags may seem a bit hefty, but are in my opinion justified considering the high quality standards. You don’t pay for water, only for pure ingredients, which are hand crafted in Switzerland.

namari skin is available at Pretty & Pure in Zurich. For more info on the brand and possible international shipping options, click here.

Swiss organic skincare: Namari skin



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