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Happy Monday, Pretties! I hope you’re getting off to a good start to the work week… I’ve finally recuperated from the huge Eighties Disco party I threw on Friday, which is more that I can say for my poor hair – which I burnt to a crisp with an original 1988 Babyliss crimping iron… but it was worth it, I’d say!

For me, this Monday’s getting off to a great start with one of the most exciting Lancôme capsule collections to hit the shelves since Alber Elbaz’ limited edition back in 2013. Honestly, I nearly died of happiness when I saw the first visuals of «Olympia’s Wonderland», Lancôme’s Fall Look 2017…

Lancôme Fall Look 2017: Olympia's Wonderland, PR Image and Review on Hey Pretty

…because I love the color pink, because I love a retro vibe… and because love the beautifully made, but super-expensive handbags by British designer Olympia Le-Tan. Someday, when I’m rich and famous, I’ll be able to buy one her gorgeous embroidered clutches!

Anyway, I don’t usually like to to previews here on Hey Pretty, because as a consumer and beauty addict, I hate reading about stuff and getting all excited, and then having to wait two months until I finally can get my hands on it. But in this case, I had to make an exception:

Olympia’s Wonderland may be at beauty counters just yet, but you need to see the collection in its glorious, kitsch entirety!

Lancôme Fall Look 2017: Olympia's Wonderland, PR Image of Olympia Le-Tan and Review on Hey Pretty

Olympia Le-Tan’s capsule collection for Lancôme will be available from late August 2017, and contains three key looks:

Powdery, perfect lips in the style of 1950s Pin Up girls (Olympia herself feels «naked» without lipstick!), Hollywood movie star eyes with surprising burgundy hues, and last but not least, the color pink – celebrated as a pretty flush on the cheeks.

Let’s start with the lips, shall we?

L’Absolu Rouge Le Bisou (in three shades), approx. US$ 40.00

Rouge Absolu Le Bisou in Rouge Profond, Olympia 1980 and Rouge de Rose (Lancôme Fall Look 2017 «Olympia's Wonderland), Review by Hey Pretty

Olympia dove deep into the Lancôme beauty archives (what I would give to see them!) in order to rediscover three gorgeous shades: Rouge Profond 1988 (a dark, purplish red), Olympia 1980 (bright red) und Rouge de Rose 1955 (a very wearable dark pink).

But the best part of the «Le Bisou» lipsticks is their lip-shaped point.


And yes, the finish is quite gorgeous, too!

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Le Bisou, PR Image (Fall Look 2017 Olympia's Wonderland), Review on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

If you want deeper, more intense color and love the Matte Shaker that Lancome launched this spring, you’ll be getting three brand new shades, thanks to Mrs. Le-Tan:

Lancôme Matte Shaker (in three shades), approx. US$ 30.00

Lancome Matte Shakers in Olympia 1980, Insoupçonnable 1975 and Rouge Profond 1988 (Fall Look 2017 «Olympia's Wonderland»), Review on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

From left: Olympia 1980 (bright orange-red), Insoupçonnable 1976 (vibrant purple) and Rouge Profond 1988 (deep burgundy).

Who would have guessed that Lancôme’s latest best-selling mascara would get a facelift THIS quickly?

Monsieur Big by Olympia Le-Tan Mascara, approx. US$ 31.00

Olympia's Wonderland Monsieur Big Mascara (Lancome Fall Look 2017)

I’ve been having a serious love affair with Monsieur Big for about two months now, and I love the super-dramatic effect, especially since it’s really soft and buttery to apply and doesn’t stick at all. And honestly, it’s even more desireable in this cute version! I

Olympia’s Wonderland Cushion Highlighter, approx. US$ 55.00

Olympia's Wonderland Cushion Highlighter (Lancôme Fall Look 2017)

Lancôme’s liquid, super-light cushion highlighter got a beautiful, Olympa-designed new compact featuring a fab embroidered lid. And that brings us straight to the highlight of the entire limited-edition collection:

The supremely collectable palette, designed just like an Olympia Tan Minaudere!

Olympia’s Wonderland Palette, approx. US$ 100.00

Olympia's Wonderland Palette, closed (Lancôme Fall Look 2017 with Olympia Le-Tan)

The palette is bound in pink canvas and beautifully embroidered with the classic Lancôme cherub (that got quite an Olympia-makeover). It contains four eye shadows, four powder lipsticks with a separate cream base and a pink blusher:

Olympia's Wonderland Palette, open (Lancôme Fall Look 2017 with Olympia Le-Tan), Review on Hey Pretty with the entire collection!

The individual pan sizes are pretty tiny, I’ll admit… but the palette itself is beautifully made and feels very «luxe». I’ll be posting an exclusive interview with Olympia Le-Tan in about a week (yay!), and I’ll be showing more images of the palette itself, okay? Till then, believe me when I say:


The collection also contains these three new liquid liners for an even more intense gaze…

Olympia’s Wonderland Artliner (in three shades), approx. US$ 38.00

Lancome Art Liners (Fall Look 2017 Olympia's Wonderland)

Lancôme’s Artliner – an excellent liquid eyeliner with a precise rubber tip is available in three new metallic shades: Moderato 1967 (glittery white gold), Bleu 1975 (royal blue with a silver shimmer)und Incoupçonnable 1976 (purple with gold glitter).

And since Olympia Le-Tan always paints her nails, they’re part of her collection, too… and no boring nude shades for her!

Olympia’s Wonderland Le Vernis (in three shades plus the top coat), approx. US$ 22.00

Lancôme Le Vernis nail polishes (Fall Look 2017: Olympia's Wonderland), PR Image and Review on Hey Pretty

From top left: Bleu 1975, Cardinal 1975, Moderato 1967 und Amour 2017.

Yes. Tiny gold hearts. IN YOUR TOP COAT.

I’m done. Mic drop.

Regular Hey Pretty readers will know by now that I’m a total sucker for packaging… but Olympia’s Wonderland collection makes me a bit sad.

Because I can’t possibly imagine that any other brand will be able to top this collection, purely from a design point of view. It’s only August! How can we already have reached the make-up climax of the season? I CAN’T EVEN!

Olympia's Wonderland: The Beautiful Fall Look 2017 by Lancôme, Review and entire collection on Hey Pretty (PR Image)

Don’t worry, I haven’t given up just yet and am literally heading out to an event right now… And don’t forget, there’ll be more Olympia Le-Tan goodness coming up here next week!

The Lancome Fall Make-Up Look 2017 «Olympia’s Wonderland» is available as a capsule collection at select department stores worldwide from late August 2017.

Lancôme Fall Look 2017: Olympia's Wonderland, PR Image and Review on Hey Pretty

*all images on this page provided by Lancôme



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