Jo Malone London Christmas Collection 2016

Hey there! Are you in a holiday mood yet? I know I am… even though this December seems to be turning into an unusually busy one for me: There are so many meetings and beauty events going on that I’m starting to worry that January’s going to be BO-RING! What I really love about December, though, is all the gorgeous Holiday Collections that are continually being delivered to my doorstep.

And one of my very favourite perfume brands, Jo Malone London, does Christmas so well that I just HAD to take you through their beautiful, creative Christmas Collection 2016!

Let’s get into the mood for making some «merry mischief» with these limited-edition gift sets and special edition scents, shall we?

Jo Malone London Holiday Collectio 2016, PR Mood Visual ClownJo Malone London Holiday Collectio 2016, PR Mood Visual DancersJo Malone London Holiday Collectio 2016, PR Mood Visual Jester

I TOLD you it was a beautiful launch!

The packaging is drop-dead gorgeous, and I really love the retro, circus-style vibe that Jo Malone describes as «magic and chaos» (which is quite fitting for my own upcoming family celebration).

There are tons of beautiful, elegant gift ideas and classic gift sets some of Jo Malone’s bestselling scents like Pomegranate Noir or Mimosa & Cardamom (one my personal faves!)… but also a slew of adorable miniatures.

Here are Steffi’s personal highlights from the collection! 

Cologne Collection (5 x 9ml), £72.00

Jo Malone's lovely 9ml-Miniatures for Christmas 2016

Cologne Intense Collection (5 x 9ml), £88.00


This beautifully packaged «Townhouse» would be a perfect gift for me (*cough HUSBAND READ THIS cough*)

House of Jo Malone London, £130.00


I just received these cute miniature candles today in the mail. Thank you, Jo Malone!

Christmas Miniatures Candle Collection (5 x 35g), £66.00


The Christmas Collection also features a brand-new, limited-edition scent:

Orange Bitters Cologne (100ml), £90.00

Jo Malone Orange Bitters Cologne (limited edition) Christmas 2016, Image by Hey Pretty #TheatreOfChristmas

The recipe for a «warming winter cocktail»? Bright citrus notes with sweet orange and mandarin orange, paired with bitter orange, plum, sandalwood and amber. Mhhhhhh!

This limited-edition cologne is already sold out online, but you might be able to find it on counter… and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this lovely, properly weighty candle:

Orange Bitters Candle (420g), £120.00

Jo Malone London Orange Bitters Candle

Jo Malone London’s «Christmas Crackers» are the perfect hostess gift (or lovely present for a friend):

Christmas Cracker, 55 Franken


…and if that’s too twee for you, you can also go for the XXL version of it, that you can fill with your own personal favourites!

Ultimate Christmas Cracker, 358 Franken

Jo Malone London Ultimate Christmas Cracker

I love these scented ornaments: Mine is currently hanging on the radiator in my living room and spreading its subtle scent and a lovely Christmassy vibe (without being overwhelming):

Scented Ceramic Christmas Ornament, £32.00

Jo Malone London Christmas 2016, Scented Ornament (image by Hey Pretty)

These sweet baubles are always a treat (and have a treat inside!):

Christmas Ornament, £22.00

Jo Malone London Christmas 2016 Ornament


There are a number of other products worth checking out in the Christmas Collection 2016 – but I can’t show them all, because I went out partying with my friend Anna last night and am reeeeeally tired – but your nearest Jo Malone stockist will not be hungover be able to help you out!

I’m leaving you with this tiny slice of holiday vibes and hope you have a wonderful weekend. And no, you don’t have to hum «Last Christmas» to get in a properly festive mood. But now that you’ve read the song title, you’ll probably start humming it anyway.


The Jo Malone London Christmas Collection 2016 is available in a limited-edition run in Switzerland at Jelmoli Zürich, Globus Lucerne and Globus Geneva. You can find your nearest international sales point here

Jo Malone London Christmas 2016, Mood image by Hey Pretty

…but the very next day, you gave it away. Thiiiiiiis year, to save me from tears…


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