Happy Friday, lovely readers! Are you as glad as I am that the weekend’s here? To be honest, now that summer’s officially over, I’m officially excited for Fall and all the new products that are about to launch. Seriously, as a beauty journalist, September is the most exciting month of the year!

And one of the collections I always look forward to is OPI. The brand always picks either a city or country as a theme of the biannual collection, and this year’s choice for Fall/Winter is giving me some serious «Game of Thrones» vibes!

Iceland by OPI, PR Visual (Fall Winter 2017 Collection)

Isn’t this totally «North of the Wall»-y? John Snow-y? Like a female Night’s Watchman?

Okay, I may be a bit obsessed with the series. But this icy-cool color scheme just screams «Winter» and since I’m pretty pale, I’m really excited about that.

The «Iceland» collection by OPI launched a week ago and consists of twelve new shades, which are available as normal nail lacquers, as well as OPI Infinite Shine and Gel Color (salon-only).

Let’s have a look at the new colors, shall we?

Iceland by OPI Fall Winter 2017 Collection, Lacquer Dots

from left: Icelanded in a Bottle of OPI (a beige-grey), That’s What Friends Are Thor (a creamy brown) and Krona-logical Order (a wearable greyish brown)…

Icelanded in a Bottle of OPI, That's What Friends are Thor and Krona-Logical Order (Iceland by OPI Fall Winter 2017 Collection)

Here are Suzi & The Arctic Fox (a cold dark blue), Turn On the Northern Lights (a deep lilac blue) and This Isn’t Greenland (a yellowish green):

Suzi & The Arctic Fox, Turn On the Northern Lights and This Isn't Greenland (Iceland by OPI Fall Winter 2017 Collection)

The next ones are a chic greyish blue Less is Norse, Check Out the Old Geysirs (a cool icy blue) and I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic (soft salmon nude):

Less is Norse, Check Out the Old Geysirs, I'll Have a Gin & Tectonic (Iceland by OPI Fall Winter 2017 Collection)

…and these here are the more classically feminine shades finishing up the Iceland Collection: from left One Heckla of a Color! (a light lilac), Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots (a smoky mauve) and Aurora Berry-alis (a deep berry pink):

One Heckla of a Color!, Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots and Aurora Berry-alis (Iceland by OPI Fall Winter 2017 Collection)

Aren’t these names just hilarious? OPI boss Suzi Weiss-Fischmann still likes to be involved in the naming of the products, even though she’s technically almost retired…


And right after I threw all the bottles on my bedspread, I randomly picked two to swatch: One for me, and one on my trusted co-blogger Sandra!

Iceland by OPI Fall Winter 2017 Collection: Review and Swatches on Hey Pretty

Aurora Berry-Alis looks quite elegant on Sandra’s pale hands, doesn’t it? AND LOOK AT THE PERFECT HAND POSING!

Aurora Berry-alis (Swatched by Hey Pretty): OPI Fall Winter 2017 Collection ICELAND

Wait a minute. WHO TAUGHT HER THAT? Is she involved with some other beauty blogger I don’t know about? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

I, on the other hand chose a deep greyish blue Less is Norse and quite harsh late-afternoon lighting:

OPI Less is Norse (Iceland Collection Fall Winter 2017), Swatched by Hey Pretty


The «Iceland» collection by OPI is honestly one of my favorites from the past few years!

Although I have to say that OPI isn’t the most exciting brand anymore (there are a number of brands that picked up the pace on the nail polish front) and I sometimes find the formulas to be a bit thick, OPI lacquers just still give great coverage and they’re really long-lasting, even in the «regular» formulation.

They may be a bit pricy, but the products are simply worth it!

I’m now going to stare at my dark nails for a while and go find my chunkiest sweater to really enjoy this rainy fall weekend. Enjoy yours, too… wherever you are!

The «Iceland by OPI» Fall/Winter Collection 2017 is now available at selected stores for around US$ 20 each.

OPI Iceland Collection Fall Winter 2017, Swatched by Hey Pretty

*The products in this review were sent to me free of charge by the brand or their PR agency.



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