Hey Pretty review: Mira-Skin Ultrasound Facecare Device (Anti-Aging Treatment for at-home use)

Sigh. I’m not gonna lie, 45 is a pretty impressive number. Up till now, I always thought that «44» sounded pretty harmless. But I just turned 45 years old, and even if I always insist – smilingly – that being a bit overweight is the very best anti-aging method around, I can see my skin losing elasticity. Don’t worry, I’m not going to break out in tears, lock myself into a tower and listen to Wham!’s Greatest Hits while tossing my long, grey braid down to my potential visitors, but…

Whoops, sorry. I’m totally mixing up my fairy tales.

Is that another sign of aging, that I lose the plot that easily? If so, I’m kind of over caring (at least, for today), because I’m a bit of a gadget high. Because recently, my «I’ll-just-have-quick-look-at-this» turned into a full-blown, pretty serious Happily-Ever-After, beauty-wise.

Let’s jump right into my review of the new Mira-Skin ultrasound skincare device, which is available in Switzerland exclusively at Marionnaud, as well as online (worldwide), and… quite honestly… surprised me quite a bit.


Mira-Skin Ultrasound Starter Kit, $329.00

The Mira-Skin Starter Kit (Ultrasound device, gel and hyaluronic acid) – reviewed on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

Most of us are familiar with ultrasound from the doctor’s office, or (if you’re into skincare and getting facials) as part of a professional treatment at your aesthetician’s, who uses it to painlessly transport actives deeper into the skin, resulting in a smoother, healthier-looking complexion.

Annie Valentin, a German beauty expert and aestetician with 25 years of experience, knows how well ultrasound works. Three years ago, this led her to the decision to develop a new kind of ultrasound device, created especially for home use. With some help from her partner Peer and a Swiss company called Techmira AG which manufactures ultrasound equipment, she created the Mira-Skin… and is changing the game in the process.

The Mira-Skin Starter Kit contains a Mira-Skin ultrasound device with a USB charging cable, the Mira-Skin Ultrasound Gel (50ml) and the Mira-Skin Hyaluronic Serum (15ml).

Closeup of the Mira-Skin Ultrasound device on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

Before we get started on how to use it, I want to explain a bit about the technology behind it. Or rather, in it.

Just like regular acoustic noise, ultrasound is basically air being moved much faster than usual, which creates sound waves. «Hard» ultrasound has a certain disruptive power, and is used by dentists to get rid of plaque. «Soft» ultrasound, as created by the Mira-Skin device, has none of this destructive power, but rather gently and harmlessly expands the skin’s transport pathways (a process called phonophoresis), pushing the active ingredients in your skincare deeper into the skin, while strengthening your skin’s metabolism.

Skin layers, as shown in the user's manual of the Mira-Skin Ultrasound Device (Image by Hey Pretty)

How skincare works with, and without ultrasound treatment (Mira-Ski review on Hey Pretty), paid content

This illustration shows how active ingredients in skincare products basically lie on the uppermost layer of the skin, with very little penetration. In the second illustration, you can see how the Mira-Skin Hyluronic Serum and the ingredients in your favorite product can penetrate deeper into the skin.

The concept is pretty simple:

When active ingredients can work both on the surface of the skin and in deeper layers of the epidermis, they are much more efficient.

But even without this «boosting» effect on products, ultrasound has some pretty great benefits for the skin. When included regularly into your face care routine, ultrasound can:

  • add moisture and plumpness to the skin
  • help remove dead skin cells gently
  • stimulate the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins
  • boost your skin’s own regenerating processes
  • improve the elasticity of collagen fibers
  • loosen the muscles and boost circulation

Sounds pretty good, right? I thought so, too.

And embarked on a six-week treatment regime for this review!


Honestly, at first, I was a bit skeptical, because about two years ago, I started using a somewhat similar facial treatment device (which also used ultrasound). But after only a week, I stopped using it, because I just couldn’t be bothered with the high-maintenance routine it required, with nearly daily use of nearly 15 minutes. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

That was the main reason that my ears literally perked up when I discovered Mira-Skin: With a recommended use of 2 to 3 times a week, with one treatment taking only about five minutes, I was like: Now that I can manage. Even with going out and/or staying up waaay to late, watching Netflix!

I thought it would be easiest to create a quick tutorial video, so you can see how the device works. You can pick and choose your own skincare products for the application, by the way… but to ensure that the ultrasound has optimum contact with your skin, you should really use ultrasound gel.

In case you missed it in the video (or you’re sitting on a crowded bus and don’t want to bug your fellow travellers), the following image shows the recommended application routine – along with the important disclaimer that the Mira-Skin should not be used on the ears, the larynx or the eyelids, okay?

Oh, and you can actually overdo it with ultrasound: If you use the device too often (more than three times a week), it could potentially damage your skin and the underlying muscles… so take it nice and easy and keep each application under 10 minutes!

Where to use the Mira-Skin Anti-Aging Ultrasound Device (Hey Pretty Review) #ad

So it’s three strokes up in the middle of the forehead, three sideways strokes from the middle of the forehead to the temples.

Then you glide from the side your nose outwards and upwards three times, three strokes from the outer jaw down towards your chin, and three strokes down your neck, out towards your collarbones… and then repeat on the other side of the face.

After each use, simply clean the conductive metal plate with a soft cloth, and then rinse off any leftover ultrasound gel from your face. That’s it. And then comes the part we’ve all been looking forward to, the grande finale of your skincare routine:

The absorption of your skin is particularly receptive for about half an hour after the treatment. So any skincare applied then will be especially effective and will penetrate deeply into the skin. The perfect time for your favorite face mask, moisturizer, gel or serum to work its magic!

And while we’re on the subject of skincare, Mira-Skin has some (perfectly-formulated) treats up its sleeve, too!


Currently, there are four different anti-aging products that are able to hydrate and refresh your skin even further (and that will also boost the effect of your own skincare faves). Let’s get started with my personal favorite… anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love sheet masks, and these babies are pretty great!

Mira-Skin Hyper Hydration Mask (pack of four), $59.99

Mira-Skin Hyper Hydration Masque (pack of 4 sheet masks), Hey Pretty Beauty Blog Review

These luxurious sheet masks are made of natural cellulose and fit the contours of your face perfectly (some sheet masks I use seem to have been designed for children. Or giants!). They deliver a powerful boost of hydration, even used on their own.

What I love most is the fact that you can use the Mira-Skin ultrasound device over the sheet mask for an even more potent effect.

Mira-Skin Ultrasound Conductive Gel and Hyaluronic Serum (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

Both the Ultrasound Conductive Gel (50ml, $29.00) and the Mira-Skin Deep Moisture Hyaluronic Serum (15ml for $69.00 or 50ml for $129.00) can be bought individually, both at Marionnaud here in Switzerland or in the online shop.

The serum in particular is pretty fab (even without the device to go with it), because it contains an extremely high percentage of short-chained hyaluronic acid that can penetrate deeper into the skin, and contains up to 8000 times more hyaluronic acid molecules that similar products – it’s actually one of the most concentrated ones on the market today. It’s perfect for anyone who loves light, perfume-free skincare products that pack a real punch.

I think I’m really feeling that in this picture here…

Hey Pretty using the Mira-Skin Ultrasound Facial Device (paid post)


Have I mentioned that I love skincare, but have really low threshold in terms of how long their application is allowed to take?

That was hands down the main reason I even decided to test-drive the Mira-Skin in the first place… and why I’ve kept using it. It’s been nearly three months now, and (with the exception of a few «I’m-on-vacation»s), those five minutes twice a week are entirely doable.

I can only speak for myself, but the effect Mira-Skin has had on my skin is quite striking: For 24 to 48 hours after each use (I use it in the evening, because I’m not in such a rush), I honestly find that my skin looks and feels plumper, and I find that the wrinkles on my forehead, and the fine lines around my eyes appear less pronounced.

It’s actually exactly the effect I saw, whenever I had a facial that used ultrasound as part of the finishing treatment… but if I can get that at home, kind of as a DIY boost… well, that’s pretty cool.

As a beauty journalist, I really appreciate the fact that the developers of Mira-Skin clearly state that you can keep using your favorite skincare products* while using it: A friend of mine, for example, uses her Mira-Skin with avocado oil instead of a serum or the conductive gel, and she’s really happy with the effect, too.

*with the exception of products containing nanoparticles, acids, essential oils or enzymes, so check the packaging first! 

The price point is a selling point for me, too: 330 US Dollars isn’t cheap, but a good facial can easily cost that, here in Switzerland… and that’s a one-time treat. The Mira-Skin device provides anti-aging results for as long as you use it regularly… and they’re pretty impressive.

So that’s a somewhat surprised, but happy «thumbs up» from Hey Pretty.

And now, I think I’ll go celebrate my 45th birthday for the third time with a glass of Prosecco. While absolutely not proven (and not even sound advice), I find that treating yourself from time to time also makes you more beautiful.

Have a great week, pretties!

The Mira-Skin Ultrasound Device is available as a Starter Kit (including Hyaluronic Serum and Ultrasound Gel) for CHF 336.00 at Marionnaud in Switzerland, or for US$ 329.00 in their own online store, along with the Mira-Skin skincare products. 

Erfahrungsbericht Mira-Skin Ultraschall-Gerät und Pflegeprodukte (Anti-Aging-Tools), Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

*This is a sponsored post. Hey Pretty’s gotta pay bills, too, and I always disclose when I’ve been paid for a review or feature! I only write about products that I can fully stand behind and only if and when brands allow me to voice my honest opinion.


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