10 Great Craft Ideas on Pinterest (Hey Pretty Roundup), Image Credit: Delia Creates

If you read Hey Pretty on the regular, you’ll probably know I’m pretty straightforward in both my love for all things beauty (it’s my job as a beauty journalist, after all), and that I take blogging pretty seriously.

But sometimes, even I can get a bit sick of mascara, so I hope you’ll allow me an excursion into DIY heaven today! Yesterday was a bit of a rainy Saturday here in Zurich, so I spent a serious amount of time on my couch, lost on Pinterest. And let me say that…

#craftinggoals are a thing!

I haven’t checked the hashtag yet, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m in the mood for crafting today. And because I’m the queen of craft projects that get started, but somehow never finished, it’s probably easier if I just present ten of my current favorite DIY projects on Pinterest today, instead of showing you my sad, aborted felt flower project, ahem!

The Best DIY Ideas on Pinterest: 10 Hey Pretty Faves

  1. Rainbow Weaving by We Are Scout
Rainbow Weaving Tutorial, Image Credit: We Are Scout (via Pinterest)
Image Credit: We Are Scout (via Pinterest)

I always die a little on the inside when I see weavings. Woven art? Weavinart? IN ANY CASE, this is a goshdarned rainbow, clouds and all! How, exactly, we’re supposed to recreate this glorious piece of art, is something only the DIY blog We Are Scout knows. But… sigh, I really would love to have this hanging over my bed!

2. Fimo Clay Wall Lettering by Mein Feenstaub

Fimo Clay Wall Sign, Image by Mein Feenstaub (via Pinterest)
Image Credit: Mein Feenstaub (via Pinterest)

DIY Blogger Lisa of the German blog Mein Feenstaub «can’t sit still», but still manages to create this lovely wall sign made with pink Fimo clay? I love the idea and may just steal it for Christmas presents. Vera, be warned: A «fuck you all» sign may make its way to your house soon!

*Update*: Don’t worry, Vera and I don’t really think that everyone should go f*ç% themselves. We just think that saying this in a whisper is supremely satisfying, even if it empties our Karma account every single time. I bought a good luck charm from a Buddhist monk yesterday, so I’m pretty sure my karma’s evened out. FOR NOW. 

3. DIY Balloon Stuffed Animal Unicorn by Little Inspiration

DIY Balloon Animal Unicorn by LittleInspiration (Hey Pretty Roundup of fun DIY Projects on Pinterest)
Image credit: LittleInspiration (via Pinterest)

Balloon animal meets unicorn mane turns into a stuffed animal? It’s like a fairy tail come true! Okay, you’ll need a bit of dexterity, as well as a deep enjoyment of stuffing filling into fabric fubes… but just think how happy your cat’s going to be, when she can destroy this pretty unicorn in the middle of the night!

And just a short word of warning: There’s a ton of DIY inspo on «Little Inspiration» for unicorn fans, so don’t come crying to me when your house is filled with unicorns and your friends won’t answer the doorbell when you stop by!

4. DIY Trinket Dishes with Leaves by Lia Griffith

Ten Great DIY Projects on Pinterest (great gift ideas, too): The Hey Pretty Roundup with Lia G
Image Credit: Lia Griffith (via Pinterest)

How I love the word «trinket»! It suggests that any small object you have in your house is worthy of display and adoration… and this may actually include a wisdom tooth that your dentist had to saw in half IN YOUR MOUTH before he could extract it and you weirdly kept the pieces. Display your pain! PAIN IS ART!

5. DIY Painted Bottles by Spaaz

DIY Black Painted Bottles (Recycling Art), Image via Spaaz and probably Credit: MotherArt
Image Credit: Spaaz/MotherArt (via Pinterest)

I just discovered that the German website Spaaaz seems to be its own kind of DIY Inspiration-Pinterest-Style! This all sounds a bit Inception-y to me, so I’ll just say:

You could make these moody black vases with empty Prosecco bottles, too. And I wouldn’t have to sneak my empty bottles to the recycling station every Monday, tee hee. I’m kidding, Mom. Kinda.

OMG, this next crafting idea is SUPER-PINTERESTY!

6. Hanging Coconut Planters by Barfuss im November

Hanging Coconut Planters by Barfuss im November (The Best DIY Projects on Pinterest by Hey Pretty)
Image credit: Barfuss im November (via Pinterest)

Another lovely crafting project from a German blog! And now that we’ve finally stopped making fun of our great-grandmas and their macramé decor, we want some for ourselves! Instagram favorite coconut meets mini cactus, lovingly united by a bit of macrame yarn.

The best news is that the step-by-step by Barfuss im November is pretty simple… even if you don’t speak German!

7. Wassermelonen-Pinatas by Minted

Watermelon Pinatas by Minted (10 of the best DIY Crafting Projects on Pinterest by Hey Pretty)
Image Credit: Minted (via Pinterest)

It’s kind of tragic that I’m realizing that I didn’t have a single piece of watermelon this summer… and it’s nearly Halloween! Well, I guess that means I really should throw myself into chestnuts on an open fire and all those lovely fall and winter delicacies, right? Sadly, a roasted chestnut pinata wouldn’t be NEARLY as photogenic!

The crafting blog Minted knows all about cool projects like this one, and is totally worth bookmarking!

I’m pretty sure you’ve been wondering where all the pompoms have gone, if Steffi’s writing about DIY projects?


8. Pom Pom Napkin Rings by Art Bar Blog

DIY Pom Pom Napking Rings by Art Bar Blog (10 Great Crafting Projects on Pinterest by Hey Pretty)
Image credit: Art Bar (via Pinterest)

I’m pretty sure my happy sigh can be heard clear over in London, because: I KNOW POMPOMS. And I probably know how to tie them into a pompom bunch. And then tie all that to a pretty fabric napin, and then invite my fanciest, most conceited friends over for Sunday brunch, JUST to show off my skills? YES MA’AM!

The step-by-step is here on the Artbar blog. And you can just come over on Sunday around 10 AM, okay?

9. Rosemary Wreath Place Cards DIY by Camille Styles

DIY Rosemary Wreath Place Cards by Camille Styles (The Best Pinterest Crafting Projects by Hey Pretty)
Image credit: Camille Styles (via Pinterest)

How pretty are these tiny rosemary wreaths? And now, we finally know what to do with our gnarly, dried-out rosemary bush at the end of summer! These would look (and smell) great on a Thanksgiving or Christmas table, doncha think?

And by the way… I really need a «Chanel» in my circle of friends. Simply because I’d like to be able to say «Oh, its Chanel. Sorry, gotta take this.»

10. DIY Felt Flowers Tutorial by Delia Creates

DIY Felt Flowers Tutorial by Delia Creates (The prettiest DIY Projects on Pinterest, sourced by Hey Pretty)
Image credit: Delia Creates (via Pinterest)

In terms of DIY-ing, I regularly overestimate myself (go check out my blog post with my new, apple-green sewing machine if you don’t believe me!), but I truly, honestly believe that I could manage these lovely felt flowers… maybe even while watching an episode of «The Handmaid’s Tale»!

Which, of course, means that I’d NEVER EVER manage it. But they’re pretty to look at, in a Downton Abby-kind of way! Thank you, Delia Creates, for this much-needed reality check.

And then immediately, I ask: Where in Zurich can I by felt in pretty colors?

I know what you did this weekend. And if you’re reading this sometime in the spring, don’t forget to check out my blog post with cute Easter DIY projects.

Have fun crafting… or at least getting lost on Pinterest, like me!

The Best DIY Projects on Pinterest, according to Hey Pretty Beauty Blog


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