I know, I know. It’s not called «spring cleaning» for nothing! But honestly, I don’t usually get all cleany-uppy in May, but in the fall, when I spend more time at home and love having a neat appartment, in which I can smugly sit, sipping green tea, and laugh at all the other disorganized people. JUST KIDDING. But as a professional beauty blogger, the one place I never really have to fight clutter is with my make-up.

And after reading this article «24 Life-Changing Ways to Store Your Beauty Products» on MarieClaire.com, I realized that it can be a bit of a challenge, whether you own two eye shadow palettes or twenty. So I went searching for pretty, smart and practical storage solutions for make-up and beauty tools. And let me tell you: THE INTERNET IS BIG.

Sixteen hours and what feels like 350 cat videos later, I’m ready to present my best finds for all your make-up storage needs… starting with three of the best ideas from the Marie Claire feature:

No way! A cake stand for your prettiest perfume bottles? 

Make Up Storage Cake Stand, Credit: Kathleen Kamphausen (via MarieClaire.com)

This spinning organizer may be a bit less photogenic, but it’s a great space-saver and holds a LOT of stuff: 72 lipsticks, 16 powder compacts AND brush storage? BAM!

Spinning Makeup Organizer by N2 Makeup Co, $140 on Amazon


Ooh, I like this idea! Using a pretty magazine holder to store your hairstyling tools (which have always cooled down sufficiently to do this, right?):

Make Up Storage Magazine Box, Credit: Kathleen Kamphausen (via MarieClaire.com)

And unused space behind the bathroom door is one of the most basic storage hacks, right? You can either use one of these clever hanging shoe storage bags for your brushes and hairstyling products…

Make Up Storage for Brushes and Styling tools, Credit: Kathleen Kamphausen (via MarieClaire.com)

or even for make-up, as I found on Pinterest! Seriously, there are some pretty clever ideas to be found there. And yes, you’ll spend at least an hour there, be warned!

Shoe Rack for Makeup Storage (via Bustle/Pinterest), similar versions available at Amazon

Shoe Rack Storage for Make-Up, Image via Bustle/Lovelace Media)

Speaking of Pinterest-worthy storage solutions, I really love this make-up-caddy:

Mirrored Make-Up Storage by Pottery Barn, $69 to $159


…but the fingerprint factor might be a turn-off for some.

H&M Home has a pretty nice selection here in Switzerland, but is only available in about five stores nationwide. I just found these pretty metal baskets, available in two sizes… and no, you don’t have to store nuts in them. You’re not a squirrel!

Metal baskets by H&M Home, available in black or gold finish, $25 to $40


Style blogger Kate la Vie’s «My Makeup Collection» post is soooo inspirational, you need to check it out!


Not sick of Mason Jar DIYs yet? Good. Because this one is pretty cute:

How to Create a Mason Jar Organizer by The DIY Playbook


Home shopping channel QVC has a pretty smart, space-saving solution for make-up and brushes:

Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner ($30.00)

QVC Cosmetics Caddy

So you’re a REAL neat freak and want to have everything put away and sorted? See-through acrylic is the way to go, of course! One of the most affordable options I’ve found is from IKEA:

GODMORGON Acrylic Boxes by IKEA, Set of 5 (CHF 14.95 Franken, roughly $15)

IKEA Godmorgon AufbewahrungIKEA Godmorgon Aufbewahrung

These ain’t bad… but MUJI takes it a step further! Every time I’m in London or Paris, I wish I’d measured out my bathroom and vanity first, because the japanese superstore has one of the best, and most comprehensive make-up-storage lines in the world. IN THE WORLD (cue dramatic music)!

MUJI Make-Up Storage in transparent acrylic, almost 40 individual pieces (prices range from $3 to about $60)

MUJI Beauty Storage

And this video by I Covet Thee shows just how fab they really are:

If you’re not that in to acrylic, there are very pretty wooden versions available: The Container Store has a whole series that I like – with a lot of drawer organizers as well as this tabletop one:

Bamboo Cosmetics Organizer by The Container Store, about $18.00


Of course, you can totally DIY your way to some pretty neat make-up storage, reusing and recycling stuff you already own! 

Here are some neat ideas:

DIY Make-Up Magnet Board (via Topinspired.com)


Not sure how much effort would go into sticking magnets on EVERY SINGLE make-up item, but it’s pretty cool, right?

You can also just hot-glue some old glasses together – I think these were actually scented candles, once!

DIY Make-Up-Storage with old glasses (via TopInspired.com)


Even if you’re not that crafty (I’m not!), I’m pretty sure you could pull this DIY off, especiall with Irina’s step-by-step instructions using a sushi mat

How to Make a Brush Organizer (via Irina’s Cute Box)


As a total nail polish junkie, I really love this IKEA hack:

IKEA Spice Rack as Nail Polish Storage (via Makeupfiles.com)

IKEA Spice Rack by Makeup Files

There’s a step-by-step on the website, and even a YouTube clip to go with it!

I hope you found a couple of inspiring ideas for yourself. And I never want to hear about you throwing your beautiful lipsticks and eye shadows willy-nilly into your bathroom drawer, okay?

Personally, If my bathroom was big enough, I would totally be a MUJI queen. What about you? What’s your favourite?

Let me know… and happy organizing!



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