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Do you want to know what’s on my mind right now? Apparently, it’s now a thing to wear fishnet tights underneath your jeans. So far, so good. But you need to wear them with their waistband showing. Like WAY higher than your jeans’ waistband.

I don’t understand. I DON’T GET IT I’M TOO OLD AN UN-HIP.

Which is why I’d like to focus on something I DO get: beautiful skincare news! Now is the time to get your routine ready for springtime and really get your glow on. The new Hydra Life line by Dior may be just the thing you need!

Dior Hydra Life Skincare Release 2017 (image by Hey Pretty)


The four new Hydra Life products are Dior’s way of reacting to a new, more conscious lifestyle (and a more informed consumer). They reduced the packaging and also madethe products lighter to minimize transportation costs. Also, the ink on the boxes is now mostly of natural origin.

But there’s also «more nature» on the inside: gentle formulations and minimal use of silicones and mineral oil. Lovely textures and clever multitasking formulas are ready to refresh your entire complexion.

Let’s GLOW! I’m talking about a legitimate «I-want-to-run-into-my-ex-boyfriend-NOW-because-I-look-so-great» glow, by the way.

Here’s the Hydra Life skincare range for spring!

Dior Hydra Life Time to Glow Ultra-Fine Exfoliating Powder (40g), around US$ 58


Dior Hydra Life Skincare Release 2017 Time To Glow Ultra Fine Exfoliating Powder (image by Hey Pretty)

Ooh, I like these instantly satisfying skincare products: This ultra fine powder with lotus seeds exfoliates gently and evens out the complexion. Just pour it into your wet palms, foam up and massage onto damp skin, then rinse.

Dior Hydra Life Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask (50ml), around US$ 76*

Dior Hydra Life Skincare Release 2017 Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask (image by Hey Pretty)

This one is definitely my favourite: The jelly-like texture is just so much fun! Three minutes are enough for this mask to release its power and revive your skin with citrus extracts and apricot kernels. And it smells just lovely!

Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration Sorbet Water Essence (40ml), around US$ 88*

Dior Hydra Life Skincare Release 2017 Deep Hydration Sorbet Water Essence (image by Hey Pretty)

This three in one essence hydrates (like a serum), refreshes like a lotion and gently exfoliates with natural fruit acids. I love the super-light texture and fresh scent.

Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Creme (50ml), around US$ 83*

Dior Hydra Life Skincare Release 2017 Sorbet Creme (image by Hey Pretty)

I can imagine that this ultra light and refreshing cream will show its true benefits come summer: It absorbs quickly and is therefore great for people who don’t like heavy creams.

And that’s where they had ME, anyway…

Dior Hydra Life Skincare Release 2017 (image by Hey Pretty)

The Hydra Life line launched in 2015 and also carries new masks and cleansers, which deeply cleanse, hydrate and revive the skin without being too heavy:

Dior Hydra Life Skincare Release 2017 (image by Hey Pretty)


clockwise from left: Hydra Life Lotion to Foam Fresh Cleanser, Extra Plump Smooth Balm Mask, Hydra Life Micellar Water No Rinse Cleanser, Pores Away Pink Clay Mask and Oil-to-Milk Make-Up Remover and Cleanser


I personally am really into light, fresh textured skincare – even though, at 43, I probably need to be hydrating more – so it’s not a surprise that I’m totally in love with Dior’s Hydra Life products. I think it’s very well thought out and also very uncomplicated. In essence: Perfect for the younger customer who doesn’t yet need intense anti-aging, but wants to treat her (or his) skin well.

That’s it with skincare for this week! Have a great Sunday and make sure to get some sunshine!

Hydra Life is available at all Dior Counters, as well as online at Manor and Marionnaud.

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  1. This post made me laugh! The skincare range looks sooo pretty! I am such a sucker for marketing…. You have no idea. Would love to know what range is your favourite? Still giggling over the high-waisted fishnets. Most people I know over 30 wouldn’t even know that’s a thing! So you’re actually super hip to ‘be in the know’! 😉 All the best – Lara (Miss Portmanteau) xo

    • Hey Lara! I’m glad you liked it! My personal fave is definitely the Jelly Mask, because it smells delicious and it’s a two-fer – both super-hydrating mask AND a quick scrub to go with it. Having said that, Dior has sent me the «Sorbet Eye Cream» to try, too… and that’s pretty great too. Hitching up my fishnets and applying that NOW! Smiles and have a great day!


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