KIKO Milano Summer2.0 Make Up Collection 2017 (Image and Review by Hey Pretty)

Happy Monday, Pretties! Quick question, as the weather’s getting better here in Switzerland: Are you ready for some summery make-up news?

I’m not sure how familiar you are with KIKO Milano, but here in Europe, it’s pretty big… and KIKO’s one of the quick-fire brands I really. They have a huge range of colors and textures and are always on top of the newest trends. AND the products are always very reasonably priced.

Their new summer collection, which is quite millenial-esque-ly named, «Summer2.0» is inspired by the fiery and warm mood of the summer months, and is not only «elegant and romantic, but also passionate».


The final look includes glowy, tanned skin «which reflects the sparkling rays of sunshine», as well as colorful cheeks, shimmery eyelids and matte lips.

The packaging was – just like previous collections – designed by Ross Lovegrove, who was inspired by waves, the sun’s rays, sea shells and other maritime items. The rose gold color symbolizes the warmth of summer.

But enough of the formalities, let’s have a look at the products!

For the face, there are three different products in the «Summer2.0» collection:

Summer2.0 Baked Bronzer (in two different colors), each around US$ 29, and Summer2.0 Face Brush, around US$ 22

Kiko Milano Summer 2.0 Collection 2017: Baked Bronzers (Image by Hey Pretty)
Sun Celebration Honey, (Kiko Face Brush) and Mediterranean Tan

Just look at this thing… It’s HUGE! Nobody needs that much bronzer, but the size of it is perfect to pick up the product with a big, fluffy brush. Also, it’s great to bronze up arms and décolletage, which is of course necessary for the «elegant, romantic and passionate» woman, haarrumph.

But seriously, this finely milled powder is very well pigmented and gives a really nice tan, wherever you want it. Plus, it smells like vanilla.

This isn’t essential at all, but it surely lightens the mood (and makes you crave some cake).

Summer2.0 Baked Blush (in three different colors), each around US$ 22

KIKO Milano Summer2.0 Kollektion (2017): Baked Blush – Image and Review by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog
from left: Red Sunset, Natural Beach and Coral Bay

This blush is available in three color schemes, which each contains two different colors. While one color is more matt, the other is quite shimmery and therefore perfect to achieve a sunkissed glow.

KIKO isn’t joking around with these: they’re really highly pigmented! And I think they might be my favourite items of the collection.

Summer2.0 Highlighting Drops (in two colors), each around US$ 15

KIKO Milano Summer2.0 Kollektion (2017): Highlighting Drops – Image and Review by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog
from left.: Plushy Rose and Golden Shell

Which product simply can’t be missed in a glowy summer collection? Exactly, highlighter! KIKO has a pretty cool liquid version this summer. I especially like the dropper, makes it really easy to dose. The product itself is a bit too glittery for my taste – I would have liked a more elegant (!) shimmer. But the blushes contain enough shimmer anyhow, so you can easily go without highlighter.

On to the eyes!

KIKO Milano Summer2.0 Kollektion (2017): Eyes – Image and Review by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

Summer2.0 Mascara, around US$ 15 (upper right)

At this point I was a bit shocked: Compared to the huge bronzer, the mascara wand is super tiny! My skepticism was in vain, though: The thin brush is great for reaching even the smallest lashes and is especially fab for the lower lash line. Also, it’s rather long lasting!

Summer2.0 Eyemarker, around US$ 11 (upper left)

To go with the summery theme, the eye marker is waterproof. I didn’t go for a swim with it, but I can affirm that the color lasts very well. The swatches on the back of my hand almost didn’t come off!

The felt tip pen allows precise application and can do anything from super fine to Amy Winehouse. The finish is more on the glossy side rather than matte.

Summer2.0 Liquid Eyeshadow (in four colors), each around US$ 11, and Summer2.0 Kosmetik-Pochette, around US$ 19

KIKO Milano Summer2.0 Collection: Liquid Eyeshadows (Image und Review von Hey Pretty)
from left.: Green Riviera, Sparkling Champagne, Fire Lust Bronze and Navy Cruise

This liquid eyeshadow doesn’t give opaque color, but a pretty wash of color on the eyelid. It’s perfect for an “undone”, effortless make-up look.

KIKO Milano Liquid Eyeshadow (Summer collection 2017), Swatched by Hey Pretty, Sandra Gimmel

Both of the blue toned colors seem to be less long lasting than the others.

Last, but not least: Lips!

Summer2.0 Lips&Cheeks (in six colors), each around US$ 14

KIKO Milano Summer2.0 Lips&Cheeks (Image by Hey Pretty)
clockwise from top left: Exotic Magenta, Mirage Hibiscus, Sun Stone Chestnut, Tonic Fuchsia and Exotic Watermelon

These creamy multi sticks for lips and cheeks come in six different, beautiful red tones. They’re all matte and can be blended out easily and perfectly and are very comfortable to wear. This is exactly the kind of multi-tasker I love for summer!

Summer2.0 PH Lip Enhancer, around US$ 15

KIKO Milano Summer2.0 PH Lip Enhancer (Image by Hey Pretty)

This one is a transparent lipstick, which is supposed to change color along with the lips’ pH-value (just like Winky Lux!). It’s a nice lip balm for the «your lips but better» look and just lovely to look at!

And in closing, my summer 2017 nemesis… the matte blue lip:

Summer2.0 Matte Lipstick (in two colors), each around US$ 14

KIKO Milano Lipstick Summer 2.0 Limited Edition Collection (Image und Review von Hey Pretty)
from left: Dreaming Iris and Desire Turquoise

Ok, these REALLY confused me. In the middle of all these warm colors, which are inspired by sunshine and fiery passion, there’s two BLUE lipsticks.

They’re supposed to be matte and opaque. But, unfortunately, they’re not.

I understand that KIKO also wanted to join the team and create some «edgy» lip colors, but these two lipsticks are the weakest products of «Summer2.0». In my opinion, they don’t match the other products and are not pigmented for such an intense color.

(There’s also a Summer2.0 Lip Top Coat, which I didn’t test. It’s available for around US$ 12)

Well that was a negative way to end this review!

Let’s summarize and backtrack a bit, shall we? I really like the «Summer2.0» collection by KIKO – the baked blushes and bronzers are my favourites, but also the multi sticks for lips and cheeks are beautiful.

The majority of the products are convincing and they all are very reasonably priced!

And now bring on summer (and maybe some holidays, too)!

The KIKO Milano limited edition «Summer2.0»  is available in all stores and online.

KIKO Milano Summer2.0 (limited edition 2017), Review and Swatches by Hey Pretty

The products reviewed in this post were sent to me free of charge by the brand or its PR agency.


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