Moschino Pink Fresh Couture (Perfume Review), Image by Hey Pretty

Hello lovelies, hope you are well! Are you excited for the weekend or still a bit shocked by the crazy weather? Well, let’s forget about that for a moment and have a look at some lovely pink fragance news. Did you know that the color pink is proven to be a mood booster? This may explain why I TOTALLY lost it when I decorated my little girls’ room a couple of years ago…

Fragrance Love: Moschino Pink Fresh Couture

They’ve grown out of their pink phase (well, they’re teenagers now!), but pink sure still make me happy!

You can imagine my excitement when I discovered Moschino’s newest fragrance launch. I already loved the last «window cleaner» inspired fragrance bottle as well as the fresh and happy scent.

And now it’s also available in PINK! I can’t deal!

Moschino Pink Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette (50ml), EUR 72

Moschino Fragrance Fresh Couture Pink


Even if you’re not too into the bottle design: you’re gonna love the scent! It’s vivid, but also feminine, flowery and fresh.

HEAD NOTE: Pink grapefruit, blackcurrant and lily of the valley

HEART NOTE: Pomegranate, pink hyacinth and wild rose

BASE NOTE: Cedar wood, ambrox und musk

Just like the first time around, the campaign images feature beautiful Linda Evangelista, and I’m asking myself: How come all those 90ies supermodels are still looking INCREDIBLE?


Moschino Fragrance Fresh Couture Pink Linda Evangelista

Eyeliner game strong!

In addition to the fragrance, there’s also a  bath & shower gel (200ml, around EUR 35) and a body lotion (200ml, around EUR 39). Pink perfection!

Moschino Fragrance Fresh Couture Pink Shower Gel Body Lotion


The perks of being a beauty blogger? Getting really excited about stuff like pink fragrance bottles! But not only the bottle is exciting, the scent is too: feminine but thrilling. The surprisingly warm and woody base notes complete the fruity scent really well. And it’s truly long lasting, too.


What do you think, is it acceptable for a 43 year old woman to buy pink bedlinens? I’ll think about it…

Have a nice weekend, pretties! And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you secretly wish to sleep in pink bedding as well. A girl needs some secrets, right?

Moschino Pink Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette is available at authorized resellers for EUR 50 (30ml), EUR 72 (50ml) and EUR 92 (100ml).

Moschino Fragrance Fresh Couture Pink (image by Hey Pretty)

Fragrance Love: Moschino Pink Fresh Couture


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