In love with Metallic Shoes? So are we! Twenty fabulous pairs for Spring 2017!

Darn it. Pretty much on the exact DAY that I decided to totally ease in to this spring’s fashion trends (and exerted so much self-control on my trip to London last week that I’m kind of scaring myself), it happens:

I find shoes I can’t say no to.

You know what kind of shoes I’m talking about, right? The «Running in to Brad Pitt at a gas station and he want to have sex with you immediately» kind of accessories that would make ANYONE say that it was meant to be.

The good news is that the pair that stole my heart and ruined any semblance of self-control I had, shopping-wise, were a relatively affordable pair of metallic gold penny loafers. But I am a bit of a shoe ho and gotta admit: They’re not my first. Metallic shoes, that is. But they may well be the prettiest!

So whether you’re wearing them as party heels, ballet flats, sandals or even loafers: these metallic, shiny shoes are not for wallflowers. Or rather: They highlight the hell out of your feet. I especially love combining metallic shoes with a relatively low-key, almost boring outfit, which makes people focus on them even more, and makes them look muy cool in the process.

Without further ado, twenty pairs of shoes that prove my point!

Metallic Shoes: The Hey Pretty Edit for Spring 2017

Let’s get off to a gentle start, shall we? Rain boots don’t really count as «real» shoes, right?

Chelsea Rain Boots, 119 Franken bei Navyboot

Metallic Shoes: Chelsea Rain Boot (Navyboot)

Or with such a barely-there party heel that you can’t really even SEE the shine…

Mirror Metallic High-Heel Sandal, approx. $250 at J. Crew

Metallic Shoes: J Crew Mirror Metallic High Heel Sandal

Sporty, yet quite glam:

Undercover Chelsea Boot in gold, approx. $330 at Freepeople

Freepeople Undercover Metallic Chelsea Boot (Jeffrey Campbell)

Is it too early for sandals? I hope not, because I actually bought a pair two weeks ago. IN FEBRUARY. But these here are pretty bling too, right?

UGG Strappy Sandal «Lanette», approx. $120 at Zalando

Metallic Shoes: UGG Lanette Sandal

Personally, I’ve been weaning myself off ballet flats for a year or so (mostly because I got a heel spur from wearing them non-stop for years!), but also because they’re such a lazy way to dress up a bit. But if I’m gonna do ballet flats, they need to have the perfect shape, and be as comfortable as these French Sole babies in a cool ombré glitter version:

Metallic Ombre Glitter Henrietta Shoe, approx. $ 170 at French Sole

Metallic Shoes for Spring 2017: French Sole Henrietta, Metallic Ombré Glitter

Whats better than gold shoes? Gold shoes WITH A DISCO LIGHTNING BOLT!

Made by Sarenza «Ziggy Baby #1» Ballerinas, approx. $60.00 at Sarenza

Metallic Shoes: Made by Sarenza Ziggy Baby#1 Flats

Metallic-Sneakers? It’s almost TOO easy!

Lacoste Carnaby Evo in rose gold, approx. $100.00 at Ochsner


Metallic Shoes: Lacoste Carnaby Evo Sneaker in Rose Gold

We couldn’t do metallic shoes without a sexy, seventies-inspired pair:

Metallic leather sandals with crossed straps (also available in silver), approx. $60.00 at Mango

Fashion Flash: Metallic Shoes – Mango Cross-Strap Disco Sandals

A bit androgynous, but really cool, IMHO:

Christopher Kane Metallic Silver Loafers, approx. $240.00 at MyTheresa

Metallic Shoes: Christopher Kane pointy metallic penny loafer

I love the mysterious, blackish-silver finish on these sandals. They’d be perfect with ankle-grazing, frayed jeans, right?

Stuard Weitzman Nearly Nude-Sandal in silver, approx. $450

Metallic Schuhe: Stuart Weitzman NearlyNude in Silber

These are totally Mad Men-esque, but also very modern:

Laminated High Heel Shoes, approx. $60.00 at Zara

Metallic Shoes: Zara Crackle Pumps in Silver

By the way, these are the loafers that I just HAD to have:

ASOS Milano gold loafers with tassels, approx. $70.00

Metallic Shoes: ASOS Loafers in Gold

OMG, am I losing my mind in the midst of all these metallic shoes, or are these boots here INCREDIBLY FAB?

Jeffrey Campbell Wilshire Western Boot, approx. $ 230.00 at Freepeople

Metallic Schuhe: Wilshire Western Boot by Free People

I’m not so sure about my mental health right now. Quick dance break?

Thank you, Bruno. I’m back and in control of my emotions now.

And that’s why I’m disclosing now, that I already own a pair of these beautiful sandals… but a all-gold version with tiny stars! OF COURSE I’m seriously considering ordering these as well, because the new model is like SILVER and with HEARTS and TOTALLY DIFFERENT, RIGHT? If it helps at all: They’re pricey, but really, really comfortable!

Loeffler Randall Hartla Ankle Wrap Sandal in silver and gold, approx. $200.00

Metallic Schuhe: Loeffler Randall «Heartla» Sandal in Gold und Silber

These look like you could totally spend a night on the dancefloor in them. Or also make a parent-teacher meeting WAY more interesting:

Helia Pumps in silver, approx. $155.0 at Zalando

Helia Pumps, Zalando (Metallic Shoes for Spring 2017)

Back to sneakers, but with a mirror-like shine:

Chrome-look sneakers, approx. $30.00 at H&M

Silver metallic Sneakers by H&M Divided (Hey Pretty Fashion Flash)

Oh, I love Saltwater Sandals! They’re so cute and retro… and of course also available in a mini-me version, if you’re into that mommy-daughter-twinsie-thing:

Salt Water «Originals» Sandals in gold, approx. $70.00

Metallic Shoes: Saltwater Sandals in Gold

Okay, these here are kind of next-level-metallics… especially thanks to the combo with a patterned sole! Is it too much? Or just COME TO MAMA?

Saddle Shoes with patterned soles by R Edition, approx. $60.00 at La Redoute

Metallic Derbys with patterned sole by La Redoute

If Kylie Minogue were a shoe, she’d be a metallic sandal like this one:

Ophelie High Heel Sandal in Silver Glitter by Minelli, approx. $150.00 at Manor

Ophelie High Heel Sandal by Minelli (Manor)

And for the grande finale, two great trends, killed with one stone: Gold leather and MULES:

Mule Be Back Leather Heel in Gold, approx. $80.00 at Modcloth

Modcloth Metallic Mule «Mule Be Back» (Hey Pretty Fashion Flash)



When you started reading this feature, you were thinking: «Steffi, I don’t even need ONE pair of metallic shoes… what’s wrong with you?». And now, you have twenty shimmery, shiny, glittery and fabulous reasons to doubt your so-called self-knowledge.

Or maybe just a bit of inspiration to pimp up your spring wardrobe and give the people waiting at the bus stop something to talk about. THAT’S FINE, TOO.

Have a fabulous, in-yer-face shiny day!

Metallic Shoes: The Hey Pretty Edit for Spring 2017


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