Essie Winter 2017 Collection: Ring in the Bling (Be Cherry, shown), image by Hey Pretty

I can hardly believe it myself, but this Saturday, I prepared my very first Thanksgiving (we celebrated it a bit belatedly, here in Switzerland) turkey: A 13lb, organically raised turkey, 1 bottle of champagne, 3.5 hours in the oven, including my nervous opening-of-oven-door every ten minutes… and in the end, I didn’t take a single picture of the beautifully roasted bird.


Um… a beauty blogger, to be precise! In any case, the dinner was a huge success, and I even made two pumpkin pies: one of us, and one for my co-worker Sandra (which I promptly forgot to freeze and had to throw away three days later). It was the perfect lead-up to December and the holiday season.

Just like Essie’s new Winter 2017 Color collection!

Essie’s Global Color Designer Rebecca Minkoff (um, yes… the famous accessory designer) was inspired by the «incomparable mood of excitement on New Year’s Eve», and in particular, «the magical midnight moment, completed with a wish and a kiss.»

And this is probably not the best time to tell you that my personal «magic midnight moment» usually is followed by the thought «YAY! Now we can go home and I can finally lay my head on my wonderful pillow and believe with all my heart that this’ll be the BEST first night of the new year!» 


But not too old to be super-thrilled by the shimmery, rich nail polish shades Essie’s Winter Collection 2017!

Essie Winter 2017 Collection: Ring in the Bling (Image and Review by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

The six new seasonal shades are super-wearable, and for me personally (with my pinkish-pale skin tone), super wearable:

Ring in the Bling (cherry red with a dark blue shimmer), Be Cherry! (la bright, pink-based red) und Suit & Tied (a creamy, slightly peachy beige)

Essie Winter 2017: Ring in the Bling, Be Cherry! und Suit & Tied (Review auf Hey Pretty)

Social Lights (a lovely grey with a rose-gold shimmer), On Your Mistletoes (dark, greyish blue-green) und New Year, New Hue (a creamy purplish magenta)

Essie Winter 2017: Social-Lights, On Your Mistletoes, New Year, New Hue (Review auf Hey Pretty)

I’ve been feeling a bit off these past few days (don’t even SAY the word «flu», please!), so I chose the bright, happy «Be Cherry» to swatch…

Essie Be Cherry!, Swatched by Hey Pretty: Winter Collection 2017 «Ring in the Bling»

…and I think it’s a lovely shade for paler skin tones, but would probably look good on anyone!

Essie Be Cherry!, Swatched by Hey Pretty: Winter Collection 2017 «Ring in the Bling»

Honestly, I do my nails a LOT, but when I did this manicure, I was once again reminded that it just takes a bit of time!

If I don’t rush it, let the individual coats of polish dry properly, and seal it with the top coat from the Essie Gel Couture collection (my fave!), a manicure can last up to five days for me… and that includes preparing Thanksgiving dinner!

After our late holidays, I kind of missed out on any Black Friday or Cyber Week specials, except an order of REN Skincare products from London… but I did spend hours scrolling through some fab fashion sales, where I found this gorgeous bag here:

Whiting & Davis Crystal Ball Clutch, approx. US$ 200 at Shopbop

Whiting & Davis Crystal Ball Clutch (at Shopbop)

…and OH NO… I feel a «party bag» Fashon Flash coming on. I’M POWERLESS TO RESIST IT! So stay tuned for that!

So, the party nails are done. We still have three weeks to plan the rest of your New Year’s Eve outfit!

I hope you get off to a good start to the work week tomorow, and take it easy, okay? There are studies that show that productivity is super-low on Monday mornings from 8 to 12*!

The Essie Winter Collection 2017 «Ring in the Bling» is in stores now, for approx. US$ 9.00 per bottle.

Essie Winter 2017: Ring in the Bling (Review and Swatches by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

*I just totally made up that study so you can enjoy your Monday morning coffee and chat with your co-workers, tee hee

**The reviewed products shown in this review were supplied to me free of charge by the brand, or their PR agency.


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