NARS x Erdem Spring Collection 2018: Strange Flowers – Review and Image by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

The sun might not have been out too much this past week, but Spring has definitely arrived… which means it’s time for some beautifully flowery make-up!

I’ve always been a huge NARS fan. The products are generally great and the limited edition collections are often daring and gorgeous. As a blogger and avid Pinterester (are you following me yet?), I adore the campaign visuals, which are always stunning. Not a huge surprise there, as François Nars is a photographer himself!

For the newest summer collection Strange Flowers, NARS collaborated once again with long time fashion design partner Erdem Moralioglu, who says that for him, «flowers represent the wonderful strength of the feminine.»

Erdem Moralioglu NARS Strange Flowers

«It was really interesting to explore my aesthetic in collaboration with NARS and see how far we could push different elements through color and product,» says Erdem. «It was fascinating to develop new pigments and palettes as well as the cosmetics themselves.»

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? But I still kind of have the urge to mess up his hair and hand him a large glass of sangria, but that’s just me.

The 13 limited products in the Strange Flowers collection all come in light grey, soft-touch packaging with floral prints, designed specially by Erdem himself.

NARS Erdem 2018 summer collection poison rose lip powder palette

NARS Erdem summer collection 2018 fleur fatale night garden eyeshadow palettes

Pretty, isn’t it? Fun fact for blog nerds: I bought some beautiful lilies for this photo shoot, but when I wanted to get rid of my (dying) peonies to make room for them, their petals just dropped all at once, and suddenly made for a very nice, impromptu background.


Enough talk… let’s have a look at all of the products!

Erdem X Nars Poison Rose Lip Powder Palette, USD 49

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 poison rose lip powder palette

If you like drama for your lips, this one is for you: Four lip powders and a «lip priming balm», which is to be applied underneath the powder. The colors can be worn lightly or boldly, it’s totally up to you. There is a brush that comes with the palette, but I kinda like the soft smudgy effect you get when you apply it with your fingers only!

Erdem X NARS Strange Flowers Lipsticks (in six shades), USD 28 each

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 lipsticks
From front to back: Bloodflower, Wild Flower, Carnal Carnation and Moon Orchid

NARS lipsticks are very creamy and pigmented and also very pretty to look at. My favorite color is Carnal Carnation, but I’m a total sucker for bright reds!

Erdem X NARS Strange Flowers Blush (in two shades), USD 30 each

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 loves me not blush

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 loves me not blush

This soft rosy tone Loves Me Not almost looks like a highlighter, doesn’t it? And yes, the other shade is called Loves Me, which is a strawberry red with a soft golden shimmer. Sounds a bit like NARS cult favourite Orgasm, but is more pink than orange, which you can see here in the gorgeous official press visual…

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 loves me blush

And now, on to the stars of the collection, the eyeshadow palettes!

Erdem X NARS Eyeshadow Palettes in Fleur Fatale and Night Garden, USD 49 each

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 fleur fatale eyeshadow palette

Yes, swooning is completely appropriate.

This super wearable shades are a bit different from the often crazy-coloured summer collections filled with terra cotta and turquoise. And that’s exactly why I like it!

If you like some more drama, Night Garden might be right up your alley:

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 night garden eyeshadow palette

I told you it was dramatic! And YES, the NARS eyeshadows are very well pigmented! So make sure to use a soft brush to blend everything well.

The last product is perfect for the warm summer months and the inevitable shiny T-zone:

Erdem X NARS Blotting Paper, USD 19

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 blotting paper

Let’s be real for a second: These are some very expensive blotting papers… but oh so beautiful! I’m a big fan of them in general – they’re just very handy to have in your purse and don’t add a lot of product onto your face in the summer.

Three products are missing in my photos. One is the Multi-Use Highlighting Pencil in White Phox (USD 29)…

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 multi-use highlighting pencil

…and the other two are lipsticks in the shade Larkspur (a deep lilac) and Voodoo Lily (a light, creamy lavender), which will soon be available at the NARS counter in Jelmoli, Zurich.

And lastly, some really pretty PR photos:

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 lips mood

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 model visual mood

Kind of cool, to start the summer months with such a moody collection, isn’t it? That’s why I love NARS… it’s always a bit unexpected. And always very beautiful!

Have a great week, darling!

The Erdem for NARS Strange Flowers Collection is now available as a limited edition for Spring 2018. In Switzerland, you can find it at Jelmoli Zürich.

NARS X Erdem summer collection 2018 closer image by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

*The products reviewed in this post were sent to me free of charge by the brand or its PR agency.


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