Essie Miami Neons Collection, European Release Summer 2017), Image and Review by Hey Pretty

We’ve got a bunch of colorful beauty news for your Thursday, darling! I’ve got to warn you, though… today’s nail color update is not for the faint of heart. But I guess you got that from the title already, right?

As a beauty journalist and junkie, I truly love nail polish and wear it all the time. And by all the time, I mean that quite literally… which means that every couple of months, I have to give my short nails some respite and polish-free-TLC, as much as it kills me to do so. After ten days in «naked nails purgatory», I jumped back on the polish bandwagon in a big way… and having them painted in bright neons was the best!

Essie Neons Collection (European Release) 2017, PR Visual

Neons aren’t brand-new for Essie (here’s my review – in German – of their 2014 «Too Taboo» collection), but the «Neons Collection» which was just released for early summer here in Europe wasn’t just inspired by brights, but also by art. Miami’s Wynwood Walls are a kind of open air art museum that live and breathe graffitti.

For me, Essie Weingarten may not have needed to go to Miami, but rather back in time… because I think this collection is totally eighties! I’ve been looking at the colors for a few days, and something kept bugging me about the color palette, and then I finally found out what it was, with a little help from YouTube:

OMG! Isn’t it almost scary? This Essie collection is practically a Whitney tribute!

Well, the «How Will I Know»-color scheme lends itself perfectly to nail polish, and I definitely have waaaay to much brain space occupied by weird stuff like this. While we both sing the song in our heads (or out loud, whatever floats your boat!), you can check out the four super-bright new colors:

Essie Neons Collection (4 colors plus a white base), approx. $9.00 each

Essie Miami Neons Collection (Europe) 2017, Review by Hey Pretty

from left: The Fuchsia of Art (bright fuchsia-purple), Gallery Gal (highlighter coral), Mark on Miami (neon orange) und Off The Wall (neon pink).

On the very right, with the colorful label, is probably the most important bottle of the collection, the Prime & Pop Base Coat for Neons, because without this white base underneath, none of these neons can truly glow.

Another thing you should know is that all four shades dry to a matte finish, which kind of disappointed me. But hey, it’s the easiest thing in the world to top them off with a super-shiny top coat, like I did here!

I’ve swatched the super-bringt coral «Gallery Gal» here for you… 

Essie Gallery Gal (Miami Neons, European Release Summer 2017), Image and Review by Hey Pretty

Essie Gallery Gal (Miami Neons, European Release Summer 2017), Image and Review by Hey Pretty

…and now, all I have to do is deepen my tan (fake, of course!) by about five shades to really rock this look!


In all honesty: I may be too old at 43 to wear neons with a straight face, but there really are few things that look better on summer skin than these attention-grabbing shades… even though they’re not everyone’s cup of tea and probably have «Ballet Slippers»-wearing ladies clutching their pearls at the mere thought.

I, on the other hand, love this small, but very happy collection with four wearable, fun shades. The only downside is that they’re a bit tricky to apply. I’m pretty practiced at doing my own nails, so I can say that it’s not that easy getting an even coat of the white base and primer down before you start with the neon. I do think the base is absolutely necessary if you want the neons to properly POW!… and as I said, they not only look more put-together, but also last a lot longer with a good top coat.

It’s worth the effort, though… Proceed with a bit of caution, but enjoy the amazing, day-glo finish!

Have a great, colorful Thursday and a fab weekend. We’re almost there!

The Essie Miami Neon Collection (or «Neons Collection 2017») has just been released as a limited-edition run in Switzerland and Europe and is available at drugstores for approx. US$ 9.00 per bottle

Essie Gallery Gal (Neons, Europe Release 2017), Image and Review by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

*The products shown were supplied to me by the brand or their PR agency. All views and opinions are my own.


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