Philips Lumea IPL Laser Hair Removal Tool: Review and Image by Hey Pretty

It’s tool time on Hey Pretty! Today we’re talking about a device that I get asked about a lot by my friends. Yes, Hair removal is a hot topic – especially any method that promises permanent hair-free skin! God knows I’ve tested a lot of good (and not so good) ways to remove unwanted body hair with razors, wax, chemical removers etc.

Now it’s time to have a look at a high tech solution!

The next big thing for hair removal at home is called IPL, sometimes referred to as laser hair removal.

And that’s exactly what we will be talking about today, with this at-home tool right here:

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Haarentfernungsgerät BRI959, around US$ 650

Philips Lumea BRI959 IPL



IPL stands for «Intense Pulsed Light» and is said to be the most effective method for permanent hair removal.

That’s why it can now be found at salons as well as to use at home.

What it does, is that it targets the roots of the hairs: If you use the IPL device every 2 weeks, you should be noticing a significant decline in hair growth after around 4 to 5 treatments.

After repeating this for some time you will get hair-free skin that lasts!

A really important note on IPL (especially because one of my super-pale girlfriends nearly bought one before she knew this):

The IPL doesn’t work on blond or red hair.

The ideal situation would be the biggest possible contrast between hair- and skin color… so basically, pale skin with dark hair. Of course there are tons of color variations in between that respond well to IPL… but having said that, the missing «contrast» between skin and hair also means that IPL won’t work on darker skin tones either. In fact, it can even cause irritation or hyperpigmentation on them!

Basically that means that your skin should be light or medium toned, healthy and the user should be very well informed.

Now that sounds just very technical and not funny at all… but it’s important that you use the Lumea correctly!

You will achieve the best results when using the tool on freshly shaved or epilated skin. And make sure the skin is not only hair free, but also completely dry and clean (body lotion is not allowed!)

If you’ve got the prep set up properly, the device handles really easily. You apply the treatment window of the Luma on your skin and press down gently… and the SmartSkin-Sensor will chose the right intensity for your skin. Here’s how it works:

Hold the tool in a 90 degree angle to your skin, press and push the button. Now hold the button and move the device slowly across your skin.

Fearless as I am, I shot a short tutorial on how to use the Lumea. And be warned: my legs are extremely pale. But incredibly sexy, LOL.

It’s that simple. And it never hurts or feels uncomfortable, either!


Philips’ IPL technology is the result of years of research to make a gentle and safe treatment at home possible. Of course it needs to be handled with care (as seen above), but it’s really easy to use and gives great results in a short amount of time.

The device is equipped with a battery and can also be used while it’s being charged. So you can go to town and blitz all those hairs away in one loooong sitting, so even Chewbacca could use the Lumea without needing a break to recharge!

Compared to previous models, the Lumea BRI959 also has a larger window (4cm), which allows you to treat larger areas and work faster, too. The tool comes with three different attachments: one for the face, which has a special filter, one for the legs and one specifically for the bikini area.

Philips recommends continuing using the Lumea, even after a significant reduction of hairs is discernible.

As soon as the hair growth adapts, you should have smooth and hairless skin for about 8 weeks.

Philips Lumea BRI959 IPL

Philips Lumea BRI959 IPL


IPL technology is getting more and more gentle, easy and efficient. I’ve been using the Lumea on myself for about four months now, and I’m very pleased by the results:

After five treatments, I only get occasional «stragglers», and would guess that the overall hair growth on my legs has been reduced by at least 75%.

I took a Lumea break during my summer holidays, because the tool shouldn’t be used when your skin is frequently exposed to the sun (after an IPL treatment, you should wait for at least 24h before going in to the sun). But now that fall is coming, I’ll be blitzing away again!

Of course, it’s not a cheap gadget to buy. But can you imagine never having to buy razor blades or wax again?

I’m very happy with this tool and can recommend it to everyone who wants to reduce hair growth.

Now I’d like to see Philips invent a device to reduce cellulite, or my weird cravings for potato chips and M&Ms… AT THE SAME TIME.

They said they’d get back to me, hee hee!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week!

The Philips Lumea Prestige IPL BRI959 is available at any specialist shop for around US$ 650 (make sure to google it first, there may be interesting offers available!)

Philips Lumea IPL Laser Hair Removal Device: Review and Image by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

*Disclaimer: THIS IS A SPONSORED POST. I was paid for this review by Philips, but all insights and views are my own. 



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