What I'm Trying to Teach my Daughters as a «Fat Mom»: Body positivity and raising teenagers to love their bodies (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

What I’m Trying to Teach my Daughters as a «Fat Mom»

Hold on to your hats, sweet readers, because today's blog post is one of those «dear diary» missives, as I like to call them....
In love with Metallic Shoes? So are we! Twenty fabulous pairs for Spring 2017!

Fashion Flash: Metallic Shoes

Darn it. Pretty much on the exact DAY that I decided to totally ease in to this spring's fashion trends (and exerted so much...
Crossbody bags: 18 cute new ideas for Spring 2017 (Hey Pretty Fashion Flash)

Fashion Flash: Crossbody Bags

Welcome back to a fashion flash that's not only fun, but hands-free FUN! I just got back from a wonderful trip to Brittany (for...
20 Party-Ready Handbags for the Holidays

Fashion Flash: Party Bags

There's always a reason to celebrate! Just like it's always time for a drink or a cat video on YouTube - instead of working,...


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