What a start to the new year! Shortly after I attended the small, intimate (okay, COFFEE!) press launch of Bobbi Brown’s newest skincare range, the news spread like wildfire throughout the beauty industry: Bobbi Brown is leaving her own company, effective pretty much immediately!

I’m not gonna lie: As a beauty journalist with more than ten years of experience, it did come as a shock – especially since it’s one of my consistent favorite brands. But as experience with other Estée Lauder-owned brands have shown, we can assume and hope that Bobbi Brown will continue to be led with her spirit in mind. And with this – first – launch after Bobbi’s departure, it looks like it!

Bobbi Brown Remedies (five solutions plus a salve), approx. $45.00 each

Skincare News: Bobbi Brown Remedies (January 2017)


The «Remedies» collection was inspired by Bobbi Brown’s holistic approach to beauty. These six different treatment potions have all been individually developed for very specific skincare needs, and can also be used together to create an apothecary-inspired, highly personalized treatment routine.

And here they are, the six new «key players» of our 2017 skincare routine!

Skin Reviver No. 91 Power Greens Ferment

Bobbi Brown Remedies No. 91: Skin Reviver

IDEAL FOR: Dull, tired (January!) skin

Pretty much a green smoothie for your skin, the Skin Reviver is a specially created mix of potent ferments that are rich in anti-oxidants and essential nutrients, to energize and protect the skin. The main ingredients are a «power greens ferment» made of fresh kale, spinach and brussel sprouts, chlorella extract (made of algae) and a plumping «energen complex».

Skin Moisture Solution No. 86 Intense Rehydration Compound

Bobbi Brown Remedies No. 86: Skin Moisture Solution

IDEAL FOR: Dry, parched skin

Everyone knows that hyaluronic acid is the go-to-magic potion for immediate hydration, right? So does Bobbi. And she created a unique combination of sodium hyaluronate and mineral-rich water to really pump up the skin’s hydration levels and minimize skin tautness.

Skin Fortifier No. 93 Strength & Recovery Tonic

Bobbi Brown Remedies No. 93: Skin Fortifier

IDEAL FOR: Loss of elasticity

Sounds kinda depressing, right? With age comes, um… sagginess. Number 93 is here to strengthen and rebuild the skin’s structure! A lipid (fats!)-rich complex made of muru muru butter, meadowfoam seed oil, olive oil and raspberry leaf wax: All of them boost hydration and the skin’s own fatty acid-level for more supple skin.

Skin Relief No. 80 Calming Red Algae Complex

Bobbi Brown Remedies No. 80 Skin Relief

IDEAL FOR: Red, irritated skin

Is your skin acting up? Whether it’s due to the wintry weather or general sensitivity, the calming formula No. 80 is ready to calm that shit DOWN. Undiluted polysaccharides from Israeli Red Algae work overtime to reduce inflammation, a knotted kelp extract from France calms and a nutrient-rich red algae extract from the Asparagopsis Armata (say that three times!) soothes and nurtures stressed-out skin.

Skin Clarifier No. 75 Pore & Oil Control

Bobbi Brown Remedies No. 75: Skin Clarifier

IDEAL FOR: Enlarged pores and blemishes
Yep, Bobbi’s got a plan for enlarged pores and oily skin, too! This powerfully detoxing, non-stripping clarifier does contain salycic acid (the go-to for blemished skin), but mostly a combo of featherweight natural oils like manuka, sea buckthorn, saw palmetto and rosehip, which individually work towards clearing, calming and purifying the skin and to control sebum production. You’ve heard it before, and now again: Oily skin can really benefit from oils.
And a P.S. for those who are still freaked out about applying oils to oily skin: In the consumer perception study, 81% said it left their skin with a natural, shine-free appearance!

Skin Salve No. 57 Restoring Treatment

Bobbi Brown Remedies No. 57: Skin SalveIDEAL FOR: Chapped, cracked skin

Ouch, sounds painful, right? This is probably the biggest S.O.S. formula of the bunch, and the ultra-calming skin salve actually does work like a «skin bandage», enhancing your skin’s own protective barrier while delivering an intensely moisturizing and soothing effect thanks to shea butter, beeswax and carrot and licquorice extracts.

The skin salve is the only non-vegan product in the collection, by the way… and works great with all five other solutions – ideally as the last step in your skincare regimen!

Review of Bobbi Brown Remedies Skincare Collection


The idea is that all of these skincare boosts can be used individually, as needed, or in combination with each other! Bobbi recommends applying 2-3 drops of the chosen remedy on clean, dry skin… patting them in where needed. You can easily layer on other remedies, or your regular skincare faves like serum and creams!

I’ve been using the Skin Moisture Solution (No. 86) and the Skin Fortifier (No. 93) over the holidays, and then added a really thin layer of the Skin Salve to «lock» them in at night. The salve is a bit too intense for daily use for my combination skin, but if the temperatures continue to drop here in Switzerland, I might add it to my morning routine as well!

All in all I really like this collection – and the fact that the individual bottles are small enough that you can actually use them up, even as a targeted treatment. Well worth trying, in my opinion!

The Bobbi Brown Remedies Skincare Collection is available worldwide from January 2017 for approx. $45.00 each

Bobbi Brown Remedies: Review


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