17 amazing beauty gifts for the Holidays 2016

Oh my god. I have to admit, I worked overtime for this one. After I got home from working at my sister’s booth at the local christmas fair, I sat in front of my computer until past midnight to finish this post.

The problem? I couldn’t stop! I’ve been collecting ideas for christmas gifts for months… and now that the time has come i feel like a guy who has been trapped on a desert island and suddenly has to choose between 25 Victoria’s Secret – angels. I’M A BIT OVERWHELMED!

Ok, but now I’m going to shut up and show you the goodies, which you can quickly grab at the beauty counter or online.

Very pretty and a quite universal gift:

Aesop «The Avid Explorer» gift set, around 110 US$

Aesop Gift Set

Each year, Aesop makes these beautiful, limited gift boxes (they’re made out of metal, so you can re-use them!): in 2016, the illustrations are by Norwegian artist Bendik Kaltenborn. The «The Avid Explorer»-set contains a Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash (500ml) and Hand Balm (75ml), A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser (200ml) and a Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm (120ml).

Very discreet and also good for your inner peace:

Aveda «A Gift of Uplifting Moments», around 78 US$

Aveda Gift of Uplifting Moments (Best Beauty Gifts 2016)

Yes I know, the name is a bit touchy-feely. But hey, the Aveda products smell really good and are truly fantastic on the skin. This set contains the Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme with Beautifying-Scent, Beautifying Body Cleanser and Beautifying Composition Oil.

Inhale deeply.

And inhale once again, because this one is just too cute:

Benefit Kissy Missy Geschenkset, around 35 US$

Benefit Kissy Missy (Best Beauty Gifts 2016)

This sweet little box contains mini sizes of the Benetint and Lollitint, as well as two of the new They’re Real Double the Lip-lipsticks in Pink Thrills Mini and Revved-Up-Red Mini.

Bobbi is always a safe bet when it comes to presents. And this one is going to make someone very happy for a very long time, because her brushes are nearly indestructible. And portable, hehe:

Bobbi Brown Travel Brush Set, around 200 US$

Bobbi Brown Travel Brush Set

The elegant case contains all the important brushes you need for a perfekt make-up: Concealer Brush, Foundation Brush, Face Blender Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Liner Brush and Eye Brow Brush. And now that I’ve written the word brush six times in a row it has lost all meaning to me. Just kidding, such an important word will never lose its meaning!

Butter for christmas? HELL YEAH!

The Body Shop personalized Body Butter, around 27 US$ plus 1 US$ for the name tag

The Body Shop personalised Body Butter

A really cute idea: You chose one of the Body Butters, for instance the new, limited Frosted Berries Body Butter, and then you can personalize your purchase for additional 1 US$ – either directly in the store or online. Plus, you save a piece of rainforest, yay!

Before you fall off your chair out of happiness: No, you still can’t buy Charlotte Tilbury in switzerland, but hey: free international shipping! Three very dangerous words…

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Luxury Lipstick Wardrobe, around 380 US$

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Lips Set (Best Beauty Gifts 2016)Ahhh, this lipstick-collection. Ahhh, the special display. Ahhh, my palms are sweaty.

So much love for this Beauty-Set from the Clinique Holiday Collection:

Clinique Sonic Holiday Set, around 149 US$


How cute! If you’re not yet owner of an electoring cleansing brush: This is your chance! The head of this literally sweetly decorated brush is made for very dry to combination skin and it comes with a neat travel case, Foaming Sonic Facial Soap (30ml), Clarifying Lotion 2 (60ml) and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (30ml).

Estée Lauder Luxury Blockbuster, around 390 US$ (exclusive to Globus)

Estee Lauder Luxury Blockbuster 2016 (exklusive to Globus Switzerland)

I wanted to be in bed by now, but I’m still going to list all the items, because they’re awesome: 2 Pure Color Envy EyeShadows (5-Color Palette- Defiant Nude und Currant Desire), 2 Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush (Rebel Rose, Lover‘ s Blush), 2 Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick (Insolent Plum 450, Intense Nude 130), 2 Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipgloss (Inspired Mauve 410, Copper Ego 150), Sumptuous Knockout Mascara, Little Black Liner, Brow Now Stay-in-Place Brow Gel and Little Black Primer.


Maybe all your cousins don’t really need a christmas gift this year. And if they ask where you got this crazy make-up treasure, you may lie and tell them: I got it from Steffi.

I’d love to do that for you, honestly.

Kiehl’s JeremyVille Limited Edition Hand Cream Set, around 33 US$

Kiehl's Jeremyville Happy Hands Gift Set

The whole Jeremyville Limited Holiday Edition-Kollektion by Kiehl’s is adorable, but this one is my favourite, because it’s small, chic and extremely practical!

Great for dry skin:

La Mer «The Endless Transformation Collection», around 400 US$

La Mer The Endless Transformation Collection

I’m not sure about the endlessness of this transformation, but with these bestsellers by La Mer you’ll definitely get a glowy skin! Contains: 60ml Crème de la Mer and 30ml The Renewal Oil, al wrapped up in a nice rose gold case.

Lancôme Audacity in London Eye Shadow Palette, around 80 US$

Lancome Audacity in London Eye Palette

Honestly… What’s not to like about this palette? What? TELL ME!

So… this one is a bit more expensive:
But maybe you’ve won the lottery and would like to treat yourself to a really nice piece of skincare?

La Prairie Luxurious Radiance Collection

No, this is not a typing mistake. But you’ll get the original sized cult products by La Prairie: Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold (30ml), Cellular Radiance Eye Cream (15ml) and Cellular Radiance Cream (50ml).
Such a shame that I know how awesome the Cellular Radiance-procucts are…

And now drama:

This is not a drill. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. For everyone that takes their Lush-bath extremely, extremely serious, there is this appropriately named gift set:

Wow! 2016 Geschenkset (37! pieces), around 370 US$

Lush WOW! Gift Set (Holidays 2016)

Just imagine how your bathroom, your apartment, the whole block is going to smell!

I’ve lusted after this eyeshadow palette for a while now…

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con 20 Palette, around $100 at Sephora

Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye Con 20 Palette

GoshDAMN, Marc Jacobs. You certainly know what women want! So does Tata Harper, by the way… especially if you’re into organic beauty!

Tata Harper «Natural Glow from Head to Toe» Gift Set, approx. $150 at Biomazing

Best Beauty Gifts 2016: Tata Harper Glow Set

This bodycare set contains a Smoothing Body Scrub (150ml), Redefining Body Balm (15ml), Rejuvenating Hand Cream (50ml) and Revitalizing Body Oil (15ml). That’s a whole lot of organic glow, right?

If this is all too grown up, you might like this Too Faced set:

Toofaced «The Grandhotel Café», approx. $55 at [email protected]

Too Faced Grand Hotel Café (Gift Sets 2016)

It’s so cute! The set contains a Mini-Mascara three mini-palettes! I grabbed one of them for a close-up…

TooFaced Peppermint Mocha Palette

I’d say every make-up-fiend would love this palette here, INCLUDING ME:

Urban Decay Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette, approx. $60

Urban Decay Vice Junkie Lip Palette

As I’m a bit late in posting these holiday gifts, some of them may already be on sale… and if so, they’re an even BETTER deal!

Happy Beauty Present Shopping, dear reader. And have a great holiday season!

17 Amazing Beauty Gifts for 2016


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