Spa Review and shop visit at Oh My Cream! in Paris (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

Sometimes I get a bit jet-lagged in terms of content here on Hey Pretty. Case in point? I’m writing up my review of a recent trip to Paris to check out the amazing beauty store Oh My Cream!… while I’m actually on vacation in beautiful Croatia!

I’m in the perfect mood for a bit of Paris flair, though… and I’d love for you to join me at one of my favorite skincare stores in Europe. Although I go to Paris regularly (Zurich is only a 4-hour train trip away), I finally managed to book myself a treatment there, too. Spoiler alert: IT WAS FAB!

Why all the excitement? Well, because Oh My Cream! is pretty much a Mecca for skincare nerds from all over the globe!


Skincare fanatics will have Oh My Cream! pretty much at the top of their lists of «What To Do in Paris», and with good reason: Both the online store of this French brand and their boutiques in Paris and the Provence offer a small, but incredibly well-edited selection of quality skincare and make-up that are a bit – dare we say – underground.

That was exactly what its founder, 29 year-old Juliette Lévy, wanted to achieve when she opened her very first boutique. The «flagship» store (if you could call the tiny shop that) on Rue Tournon in the très elegant Saint-Germain des Prés was meant to be the kind of beauty destination she hat always looked for, and never found:

A place filled with fabulous, clean beauty brands and staffed by knowledgable and friendly beauty experts who know the products like the back of their hand.

Even back then in 2012, Juliette found that you only ever heard from and saw the same old beauty brands* and decided to go for it herself – with a fresh business school degree in hand and after a stint at Le Bon Marché.

Right after the first Oh My Cream! boutique opened its doors in 2013, the online shop launched as well – and to this day is well-stocked with beauty and skincare treats that are really worth checking out.

Their selection of brands is pretty impressive: From organic beauty staples like Tata Harper, Ilia, Susanne Kaufmann, Patyka or John Masters to «clean» brands like REN, Oskia, or Kat Burki… right up to their relatively new own brand, you can find a product for pretty much every skincare need – and every budget.

*Here’s a great interview with Juliette on «Nettement chic», where you can find out more about Oh My Cream!’s philosophy.

Spa Review and shop visit at Oh My Cream! in Paris, Rue Bac (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)


This wasn’t my first visit at an Oh My Cream! shop, but on previous trips, I’d usually drop by the boutique in Le Marais (which always seemed to be more on my regular stomping ground). Not this time, though… it was the store in the 7e Arondissement, on the Rue du Bac for me.

First and foremost, because I had finally planned far enough ahead with my trip to book a facial here – as the Rue du Bac shop is one of two Oh My Cream! locations with a separate treatment room.

The tiny shop is located only a couple of minute’s walk from the Metro station Rue du Bac, on a picturesque street filled with fashion boutiques, bars and restaurants. I made sure to arrive waaaaay early for my booked treatment, in order to have plenty of time to browse my way through their skincare selection. Good thing, too… because there was plenty to discover!

Spa Review and shop visit at Oh My Cream! in Paris, Rue Bac (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)
Spa Review and shop visit at Oh My Cream! in Paris, Rue Bac (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)
Beauty in Paris: A Visit to Oh My Cream!
Shop detail at Oh My Cream! on Rue Bac in Paris (Hey Pretty)

Here are just a few of the skincare highlights at Oh My Cream!: Nuori is an organic beauty brand from Denmark that I’ve been dying to try for ages…

Nuori Skincare at Oh My Cream! on Rue Bac in Paris (Hey Pretty)

Big love for the clean nail polishes by Paris brand Kure Bazaar (check out my review here in German):

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish at Oh My Cream! in Paris (Rue Bac 7) – Spa Review on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

I love REN Clean Skincare from the UK and nabbed myself their new sunscreen while I was there…

Ren Skincare at Oh My Cream! in Paris (Rue Bac 7) – Spa Review on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

…and I’ve heard lots of good things about the Mandelic Pigmentation Corrector Night Serum by Allies of Skin!

Allies of Skin  at Oh My Cream! in Paris (Rue Bac 7) – Spa Review on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

Enough browsing for now, because facialist Mélina (of the beautiful skin, of course!) was ready for me… and I was ready for some downtime of the most beautifying sort!


Right in the back of the boutique, behind a closed and well-soundproofed door, there’s this lovely treatment room where you can enjoy a number of beauty treatments, basically «i-store». But you need to be a bit of a planner, because they all need to be pre-booked via the Oh My Cream! website. Good thing you can check when the individual locations have free spots available online…

Treatment room at Oh My Cream! in Paris 7 (Rue Bac), Hey Pretty Spa Review
Treatment room at Oh My Cream! in Paris 7 (Rue Bac), Hey Pretty Spa Review
Treatment room at Oh My Cream! in Paris 7 (Rue Bac), Hey Pretty Spa Review

The treatment menu isn’t very extensive – but (just like the store itself), well-edited: Normally, I would have automatically gravitated towards the luxurious Tata Harper Facial, but because I just got back from a fab press trip during which I got to enjoy Tata’s products, I chose the «Soin Spécifique» with REN products (60 min, €80)

I got settled in in this lovely, quiet space and then Mélina proceeded to remove my make-up to get a better look at my skin. We chatted and she asked some questions about my skincare routine and the current state of my skin, and then asked me if it was okay if we switched to Dermalogica products, instead of REN, because she thought they would achieve better results on my slightly stressed-out, oily skin… and since I told her I had a pretty important beauty event that evening, she decided to go gentle, but go GLOWY.

And she was right!

During the course of the one-hour treatment, I got to enoy a double cleanse with oil, then a relaxing, detoxing face massage and a gentle acid peel. After that, she applied a somewhat strange, but fab «double mask»: The first layer of which was a creamy mask on which she laid a fine layer of gauze, and then topped up my entire eye area with a refreshing rubber mask that smelled deliciously of chocolate.

While the masks were working their magic, I got a lovely hand and arm massage, and then the treatment was finished up with the perfect layering of serum and moisturizers, as a perfect canvas for my evening’s make-up.

Post-facial glow at Oh My Cream! in Paris 7 (Rue Bac), Hey Pretty Spa Review

I told you, the mission brief was GLOW! After paying for my treatment and a few beauty goodies (I can never resist, even if I get sent so much stuff to try!), I stumbled out onto Rue Bac with lovely, refreshed skin and… honestly, deeply relaxed. I didn’t even mind the smelly Metro trip back to my hotel, I swear! One thing I should probably add is that, by the time my treatment was done, it was nearly 5 PM, and the shop had filled up quite a bit:

If you want peace and quiet and one-on-one consultations, I would try to visit Oh My Cream! in the morning or early afternoon.

And honestly, the consultation is really worth waiting for at Oh My Cream!. I’ve been to their stores at least five different times, and every single time, I was impressed by their staff: They know their stuff without trying to give you a hard sell, and truly enjoy nerding out with you and showing you new products and old favorites. I also love that they usually offer samples of pretty much any product – and aren’t stingy in doling out tiny pots with hand-written stickers.

It’s so much easier to discover new favorites by trying them in the comfort of your own home… and of course, it’s super-easy to order them in the webshop and have them delivered home. OR, as Hey Pretty Reader Maja told me: Have your order delivered straight to your hotel in Paris to avoid customs and taxes!

Here are some of my personal recommendations to try:

The gentle, but efficient «Poudre Exfoliante» by Oh My Cream! Skincare (€29.00)

«Poudre Exfoliante» by Oh My Cream! Skincare (Hey Pretty Shop and Spa Review: Beauty Shopping in Paris)

…or one of my «I-keep-buying-it» skincare faves, the «Back to Life Hydration Serum» by Pai Skincare (50ml, €54.00)

«Back to Life Hydration Serum» by Pai Skincare

Of course I always love a shop where the salespeople are at least as excited about skincare as I am... but the unique mix of niche brands, lovely shop design and – let’s be honest – pretty affordable beauty treatments and facials pretty much ensured that I’ll be booking myself a treat at Oh My Cream! for all upcoming trips to Paris.

It’s a resounding «très recommendée» from me. So be sure to put this store on your to do list for your next trip to the city of lights!

Signing off in Paris (and in Croatia!) and I hope you enjoyed this feature. If you do pop by, feel free to share your experience here in the comments!

Oh My Cream! 104 Rue du Bac, F-750067 Paris*. Closed Sunday and Monday, opening hours Tues-Sat 10:30 to 19:30.

Spa Review and shop visit at Oh My Cream! in Paris (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

Oh My Cream! has five shops in total in Paris, and four more in Provence… and, of course, a fabulous online store!


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