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Today’s delivery of ambitiously marketed beauty news couldn’t be sexier… but I’d like to make an exception to Hey Pretty’s general rule of writing waaaaay to much, instead of just YouTubing everything… because the promotional video to Calvin Klein’s newest perfume is not only beautifully pared-down (no music! no effects!), but really sums up the entire launch perfectly. So yes, you need to watch this first!

The guy with the sexy voice? That would be Mario Sorrenti, photographer and… ex-boyfriend of one certain Kate Moss!


The campaign.


Yes, that’s an 18-year-old Kate Moss!

Back in 1993, OBSESSION by Calvin Klein (which was originally launched in 1985) pretty much became a cult favourite. A lot of the success of the heavy, sexy scent was owed to it’s face, the then practically unknown Kate Moss. Her then-boyfriend Mario Sorrenti, who was a mere twenty years old at the time, shot the campaign images, and the rest, one could say, is supermodel history.

Now that the 25th anniversary of the campaign ist fast approaching, Calvin Klein has decided to dig up «never-before seen images» from the legendary photoshoot from it’s archives, and is releasing the new perfume(s) OBSESSED worldwide in July 2017. This is also the very first perfume to be launched under the watchful eye of Raf Simons as the brand’s new Chief Creative Officer, and is being touted as «a tribute to the past, present and future of the brand Calvin Klein».

Calvin Klein OBSESSED (2017): Press Kit and review by Hey Pretty

The big question I have now is: Is the new OBSESSED perfume simply a remake of OBSESSION? After having suffered through various (and horrible) reloads of cult nineties favourites like Dirty Dancing and Baywatch and Point Break… can we handle the potential heartbreak of having another one of our memories ruined forever?


Um… let’s just have a look at the two new scents that will be available from July 1st on, shall we?

Calvin Klein OBSESSED for Women Eau de Parfum (50 ml), approx. US$90.00*

Calvin Klein OBSESSED for Women (Image and Review by Hey Pretty 2017)

The «oriental aromatic green» vibe of OBSESSED for Women immediately launches itself into my brain as a warm and very sensual perfume. I’d love to quote directly from the press kit here (which I only have in German, sorry!), but in uppity perfume-speak, they call it «a creation born of the tension between the aromatic top notes and the gentle softness of the base notes». The underlying tension between the male and the female was, of course, absolutely key in the (original) OBSESSION… but this creation more than deserves the term «reinvention», even though I find this a lot fresher and crisper than its nearly-namesake inspiration

TOP NOTES: Sacred citrus, Neroli Essence and Elemi

HEART NOTES: Violet leaf absolue, White Lavender, Purple Sage

BASE NOTES: Musk, Helvetolide and Ambrette Muscenone

*Also available as a 30 ml- Eau de Parfum Spray, Body Lotion (200ml) and Shower Gel (200ml).

The most exciting news? That OBSESSED is straight-up being launched both for women and men!

Calvin Klein OBSESSED for Men Eau de Toilette (75ml), approx. US$ 80.00*

Calvin Klein OBSESSED for Men (2017): Review and Image by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

While the women’s Eau de Parfum version of OBSESSED is pretty crisp and green, all in all, the men’s version is more of an «oriental woody amber», with a hidden element of vanilla (!):

TOP NOTES: Oro Blanco Grapefruit, Sichuan black pepper and cardamom

HEART NOTES: Cedar leaves, labdanum, Firnat and blonde leather

BASE NOTES: Patchouli, black vanilla infusion and Ambrox Super

Good god.

I literally just spilled about a teaspoon full of OBSESSED FOR MEN over my hands while trying to open the box… and now, I’m trying to write in a haze of manly manliness. This is a pretty sexy scent! Maybe I should open the window. Or maybe I should just keep daydreaming of being the meat in a Jamie Dornan-Charlie Hunnam sandwich…

*Also available as a 125 ml-Eau de Toilette Spray, Hair & Body Wash (200ml) and deodorant stick.


Sharp-tonged (or penned) critics could easily assume that Calvin Klein is just trying to take the easy way out by using as-yet-unseen (or purposely and carefully contained) photographic «treasure» as a almost-free campaign for a new fragrance… but to be honest, even though I’m absolutely not a fashion writer, the images manage to move me with their raw simplicity and honesty. 

Calvin Klein OBSESSED (2017): Press Kit and review by Hey Pretty

Calvin Klein OBSESSED (2017): Press Kit «screen grab» making of and review by Hey Pretty

Of the iconic shoot, Mario Sorrenti says (today): «It was great. We were young and in love and I loved photographing her. When we did OBSESSION she was 18 and I was 20, just starting out in our lives with no pressure about anything. We were just going off and having fun.»

He adds: «I was so passionate about photography, and Kate and I were in love… I just loved taking her picture.» 

Calvin Klein OBSESSED Marketing Campaing Image 2017 (Screengrab 1) – Kate Moss by Mario Sorrenti

Calvin Klein OBSESSED Marketing Campaing Image 2017 (Screengrab 1) – Kate Moss by Mario Sorrenti

For me, both scents are – individually – well-thought out and feel very modern and wearable. They’re quite sexy, but not overwhelmingly so. The only thing I find a bit strange is the timing of the launch: These aren’t classic summer fragrances, but having said that, I’m pretty sure both of the OBSESSED would smell pretty fantastic on sweaty, hot summer skin.

Okay, I need to sign off and give the whole Steffi-Sandwich thing a thorough thinking-through. Have a great day!

Calvin Klein OBSESSED for Women Eau de Parfum and OBSESSED for Men are available worldwide from July 2017, prices will vary from country to country.

Calvin Klein Obsessed (2017) Campaign Visual ad, Review by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog


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