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What’s that? You’re in love? Awww… congratulations! Whoops, what’s that? You’re not trying to win someone over, but you just love good food and romantic restaurants? Well, I’ve got news for both the lovers and the FOODlovers out there!

I’ve been living in Zurich for over 30 years, and not only know my way around the city, but also am freakishly good at finding good food here! There are ton of great restaurants, but sometimes, you not only want to eat well… you also want a bit of atmosphere. That’s not always so easy to find in straight-laced Switzerland, but I’ve found ten restaurants that I find either surprisingly, or super-obviously romantic.

If you need some more tips for your date night in Zurich (like which lipsticks can survive both dinner and kissing!), just e-mail the love doctor at [email protected]!


10 romantic restaurants in Zurich (by Hey Pretty)

Hummer & Austernbar (Bahnhofstrasse/Zurich Main Train Station HB)

10 Romantic Places to Eat in Zurich
Hummerbar Zurich (Image by Instagram User arishulasv)

Do you love a retro vibe as much as I do? Then you’ve got to check out the «Mad Men»-y decor at the Hummerbar in Zurich! «Hummer» means lobster in German, and that’s what you get here, along with a bunch of other delicious seafood. So if oysters are your thing, you’ll be happy here, too!

Another plus? The Hummerbar is super-centrally located just minutes from the main train station. A great spot for a old-school-date… especially if you always want to remember that you shared your first kiss wearing bibs.

Hummer- und Austernbar, Bahnhofstrasse 87, 8001 Zürich. Phone: +41 44 227 76 21. 

Ristorante Napoli (Wiedikon/Manesseplatz)

Ristorante Napoli Zurich (10 romantic places to eat by Hey Pretty)
Ristorante Napoli Zurich (Image by Instagram user WinterhalderAreal)

Okay, the decor may be sliiiightly over the top, but believe me: This somewhat insane collection of italian kitsch makes for a pretty romantic vibe… especially in our age of super-minimalistic interiors and people who think a carnation in a vase is waaaaay too much. The food at Napoli is traditionally Italian and quite good, and a safe bet for anyone who hates hipsters.

An additional 1000 bonus points for Napoli’s website, which obviously hasn’t been updated once in the past eight years. People here are too busy making pasta to bother with newfangled stuff like social media!

Napoli da Gerardo, Sandstrasse 7, 8003 Zürich. Phone: +41 044 462 07 64

Coco Grill & Bar (Bahnhofstrasse/Paradeplatz)

Coco Bar & Grill Zurich (10 romantic places to eat in Zurich, Switzerland) by Hey Pretty

One of Zurich’s busiest restaurateurs Michel Péclard (who owns and operates a number of other places in town) did pretty much everything right with his «hidden gem» Coco. This small restaurant is tucked away in an alley right off Paradeplatz (where all the bankers work) and the perfect place for a tête à tête.

Luckily, the food can keep up, too: There’s a daily 5-course special menu, where you cahn choose between three meat and two fish dishes. This may not be the perfect spot for vegans on a date, I just realised…

Coco Grill &Bar, Bleicherweg 1a (off Paradeplatz), 8001 Zürich. Phone +41 44 211 98 98. Outdoor seating in summer!

Die Waid (Wipkingen/Höngg)

Die Waid (Romantic Restaurants in Zurich): Candlelight dinner with a view! Top teh by Hey Pretty

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better view of Zurich, believe me! The Waidberg, above the river Limmat, may not be as high as the Uetliberg with its somewhat unspectacular Uto Kulm restaurant, but makes up for it with an eclectic selection of dishes… weirdly, they’re currently focusing on asian woks!

You can find a bunch of more classic dishes here, too… but in all honesty, everyone’s here for the view, anyway. And here’s a hot tip for all you true romantics out there: Right next to the restaurant Waid, you can find the most perfect bench in all of Zurich – the perfect spot for kissing. Or so I’ve heard.

Restaurant Die Waid, Waidbadstrasse 45, 8037 Zürich. Phone +41 43 422 08 08. Outdoor seating in the summer!

Clouds (Hardbrücke/Escher-Wyss)

Romantic restaurants in Zurich: Die Waid (Top 10 by Hey Pretty)

They may be trying a bit too hard to be glamorous, and Clouds ain’t cheap, either… but thanks to the modern decor and incredible view from the 35th floor of Zurich’s highest «skyscraper», the Prime Tower, it’s well worth taking a date here.

The service is top-notch and the food creative and very good… and as long as you’re not bothered by hordes of country bumpkins (just kidding, they’re mostly from Winterthur) in their fanciest outfits, you’ll have a great time here. Oops, did I just say that out loud?

Clouds Kitchen Restaurant, Maagplatz 5, 8005 Zürich. Phone +41 44 404 30 00. 

Baltho (Niederdorf)

Restaurant Baltho Zurich (Great places for a romantic dinner by Hey Pretty)

The newly renovated «Baltho Küche» is located in one of Zurich’s oldest guest houses and belongs to the Marktgasse hotel, in the same building. It’s an easy stroll from the Hauptbahnhof or the lake, and the Niederdorf (old town) is always busy – especially on weekends.

The Baltho is surprisingly cozy, despite the modern decor, and the menu is well-edited and always full of fresh dishes. By the way, they’re excellent with food allergies here, which isn’t always a given in Zurich, sadly.

Top tip: Grab a drink at the wonderful Baltho bar. A glass of champagne in the afternoon does wonders for the soul. I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

Baltho Küche & Bar, Marktgasse 17, 8001 Zürich. Phone +41 44 266 10 14. Outdoor seating in the summer.

Lumière (Old town/Rennweg)

Romantische Restaurants in Zürich: Lumière (Hey Pretty Top 10)

Zut alors, I love Brasserie Lumière! This small, cozy restaurant is tucked away in the «Altstadt», the old town of Zurich, right at the top of Rennweg, around the corner from the Hotel Widder. The fare is traditionally french bistro, with lots of (pretty great) Argentinian beef and red wine straight from the owner’s farm: Lumière’s belongs to none other than local celebrity Dieter Meier, of 80’s electropop grou Yello fame.

The service here is pretty much perfect, the gingham decor feminine and romantic… and if you don’t try the pommes alumettes, you’re missing out!

Restaurant Lumière, Widdergasse 5, 8001 Zürich. Phone +41 44 211 56 65. Outdoor seating in the summer!

Maison Blunt (Limmatplatz/Main train station HB)

Maison Blunt: Zurich's most romantic restaurants (by Hey Pretty), Image via Instagram/natchapnc
Maison Blunt Zurich: Image by Instagram user natchapnc

Exotic middle eastern cuisine and a relaxed, boho vibe: It’s not surprising that the Maison Blunt has been a safe bet for a romantic dinner in Zurich for years now… and it’s a great place for anyone who wants to show his or her date how hip they are (and that they know their way around Kreis 4). But beware: It’s lights out at 11 PM here! Good thing there are plenty of good bars right around the corner!

Maison Blunt, Gasometerstrasse 5, 8005 Zürich. Phone +43 211 00 33. Outdoor seating in summer – they have a lovely garden!

Gartenhof (Werd/Bahnhof Wiedikon)

Restaurant Gartenhof (Zurich's most romantic restaurants by Hey Pretty), Image by Instagram user Joaniepietracupa
Restaurant Gartenhof (Image by Instagram user joaniepietracupa)

So you’re into a laid-back, urban vibe… but want more than classic Schnitzel fare? The Gartenhof, near Stauffacher, is one of my favourite places for good food and a supremely chilled-out ambiente. The menu is small but well-edited, and the restaurant’s name says it all: The Gartenhof has one of the loveliest restaurant gardens in all of Zurich. A tip for meat lovers: The beef tartare is superb!

Restaurant Gartenhof, Gartenhofstrasse 1, 8004 Zürich. Phone +41 43 266 63 63. Fabulous garden in the summer!

Giesserei (Oerlikon)

Die Giesserei (Romantic restaurants in Zurich by Hey Pretty) – Image via Instagram, Ladybird77
Die Giesserei Zurich (Image via Instagram user ladybird77)

Yep, even Steffi will head up to Oerlikon, if there’s good food to be had! Of course, the northern part of Zurich has seen a huge increase of nice new restaurants in the past few years, but I really like the industrial vibe in the Giesserei – which used to be a casting house, way back when.

The old-timey factory vibe is offset by candlelight in the evenings, which makes for a perfect date location (and for weddings, too). Magical, but not too kitsch! And whoops, I just saw that the Giesserei doesn’t do dinner in July and August but hey, let’s be honest: A picknick by the lake of Zurich is your safest and most romantic bet in the summer, anyway!

Giesserei Oerlikon, Birchstrasse 108, 8050 Zürich. Phone +41 43 205 10 10. 

10 Romantic Places to Eat in Zurich

I hope you have a wonderful stay in Zurich, and if you live here, that you may have discovered a new favourite spot for a candlelight dinner here. And if I’ve missed your absolute favourite romantic restaurant in Zurich and you can’t understand why on earth I wouldn’t list it here… LEAVE A COMMENT AND MAKE ME – AND THE HEY PRETTY COMMUNITY – HAPPY!

Romantische Restaurants in Zürich: Die besten Plätze für ein Candlelight Dinner (Hey Pretty)

*None of these restaurants offered me anything in return for a review… they don’t even know they’ve been listed here! Unless otherwise noted, all images used here were taken from the restaurant’s websites or social media accounts.


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